Negative comments, I loves them…

So here we are, Anonymous said (it’s always Anonymous isn’t it)…

When Jenny showed up both women were surprised when he showed up naked and without a cage on. The cage, of course, was a toy that he removed at will without a key. Sarah was just to blind to see that. When he stripped Jenny and fucked the hell out of her, both women were stunned. Then he fucked Sarah, got cleaned up, dressed and as he was walking out the door he told Sarah that the divorce papers would be served on her in a few minutes. The women never saw him again except in Court. Stupid story without thought to consequences or the fact that he had both pride and self respect and what man would stay with a woman who clearly demonstrated by her actions that she neither loved or respected him? Awful, unbelievable story telling. No stars.

Suck my fucking balls mate. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Negative comments, I loves them…

    • Hi S.H.I.P
      Surely the sensible thing to do when reading a story you don’t like is to stop reading.. it’s not like there’s a shortage of alternatives on Literotica. That’s why these people make me laugh cos they read pages of stuff, sometimes chapters… just so they can rip the writer to bits. Just read something else FFS.

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