Tumblr to Blog – anyone know how?

I’m searching without much luck to find out how to reblog something from a Tumblr to a blog, does anyone know how to do this? If you left click on a picture on a Tumblr all you can do is save the webpage, it’s very annoying.

So, in the meantime, until I can work it out or someone can enlighten me, I will have to just link instead. So go HERE for a very cool ruined orgasm video, with some cbt as an added bonus!

6 thoughts on “Tumblr to Blog – anyone know how?

  1. As far as I know you can’t reblog Tumblr to WordPress… You can do it the other way around, which we do, but I think Tumblr only reblogs to Tumblr and tweets to Twitter.

    You might just have to link it!

    • Hi Tim
      Thanks for your idea. I think saving pictures isn’t an issue, it’s videos that I am struggling with. Actually you can use the snip tool in Windows to save any picture, my boss showed me that and I use that all the time.

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