Girls Talk on Literotica…

Well I have had a fair few lovely comments about my new story, here and on my fiction blog and on Literotica itself. I feel like I have probably stepped up a little bit with this one, I think it’s probably the best story I’ve done so far and that makes me feel pumped to write more.

On Literotica it’s been viewed nearly 11,000 times now and the score is inching back to the 4.5 / 5 score that will give it a ‘HOT’ rating. It’s currently sitting at 4.41, if you would like to vote you can do that HERE

2 thoughts on “Girls Talk on Literotica…

  1. Although I’m not turned on much at all by feet and foot related sex, I did really enjoy your story, Rob. It’s extremely well written, as are all the stories of yours that I’ve read, even going back into the Malibuman days.

    I didn’t vote, however, since my 4* vote would have brought your average down. In all the many years I’ve been reading smut on Literotica, I’ve given a five star rating three, or maybe four times in the thousands of times I’ve voted. For me to award the top rating, a story has to to be well written, an extreme turn on, and be comparable to something written by an award winning author. That kind of story comes along very, very infrequently.


    • Hi Harry
      Well thanks for your honesty and for having the foresight to realise that you would actually be marking me down, as ever your input is always appreciated. Glad you enjoyed it, even if the foot thing isn’t for you.

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