Something a bit different…

Some of you no doubt will already have seen this blog, but I have just come across a chastity blog that I’ve never seen before. Me and My Chaste Hubby is a Christian chastity blog, which is short on smut but an interesting read for all that. If you fancy a gander then click HERE

2 thoughts on “Something a bit different…

  1. Different describes it well. I may have this all wrong, since she does all the blogging (I looked to see if I could find anything written by Ken, but didn’t find any), but…

    Theirs strikes me as a lopsided relationship that involves her manipulating him to do her bidding. She’s opinionated, with some very dicey thoughts on things, and although I didn’t read through every post, I got the impression that Kenny boy doesn’t get much fun. The way she treated him on his birthday was cruel. She says that he was good with it, but I’ll bet that’s not what he was saying under his breath.

    I know that you and Mistress R have a lot of fun in your femdom activities, and I know that CH and I have fun with chastity and denial. This christian couple, it seems, not so much.

    • Hi Harry
      Yeah, I didn’t really read that much of it, and it is a bit weird that Ken doesn’t write anything, it would be interesting to hear his side of things.

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