Very nearly gave in and used my voucher…

Last night I very nearly used my voucher. We went to bed early because we are still trying to catch up from our late night on Saturday, and I licked Mistress’s pussy to a lovely orgasm. She was so wet, silky and delicious and it got me thinking about using my voucher to ask for penetration.

The only problem with that, if one can describe it as a problem, is that there’s no guarantee about what that means exactly. For instance, it doesn’t specify that I will be on top and able to thrust into Mistress as I please, it could just as easily mean that Mistress will straddle me as she usually does, which is lovely, but probably not worth using an orgasm voucher on…

The other reason was, being quite tired I wasn’t 100% sure how hard I was going to get, so I was somewhat reluctant to go that route. As it happened, after a short period of Mistress sucking and slapping my cock it was rock hard, but by then I was in two minds, maybe I should use it to ask permission to cum, or now that I was properly hard should I ask for penetration?

Mistress started stroking me hard and fast and was clearly trying to edge me, but rather than blow my voucher, I warned her that I was cumming and she slowed down and then started teasing my cock with her tongue. I really felt like I could easily slip over the edge, but I managed to hold on, still trying to weigh up if using my voucher was a good idea or not.

In the end, I didn’t use it, and Mistress didn’t let me cum or ride my cock. So now it’s 33 days for me. I’m kind of thinking about using my voucher to ask for penetration, because in a way I would rather Mistress decided my fate. But… do I want to give it up that easily?

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