Oh, so Close!

Last night Mistress enjoyed another lovely orgasm on my tongue, and just like the night before, the taste of her delicious, silky wet pussy set up the same dilemma in my head. Only last night I felt even more tired than the night before.

But again, my fears were unfounded as Mistress soon had my cock rock hard. One of the benefits of bedtime sex, as opposed to early evening sex, is that Mistress usually takes her bra off so that I can see her gorgeous breasts, rather than me having to beg her to let me see them…

I think Mistress was really trying to get me to use my voucher last night as inbetween stroking and slapping my cock and balls she was rubbing my cock against her tits and even using them to stroke me at one point. I can’t even remember the last time she did that.

Suddenly Mistress knelt up and I thought she was going to straddle me and ride my cock, but instead she simply knelt by my side, bent forward and started sucking my cock while I reached around to slide my fingers in her pussy. I really love watching Mistress suck my cock, especially if I can touch her pussy or ass at the same time (or her feet ๐Ÿ™‚ ).

I was pretty much decided on using my voucher, I was just going to wait for her to start rubbing her beautiful breasts against my cock again and then hopefully she would jerk me off over them, I mean maybe not, she might not do that at all, but it was worth a shot!

Suddenly she stopped and knelt up again and pulled me forward to taste her pussy again. She tasted soooooooo good, and then she pushed my head away, with some difficulty it must be said ๐Ÿ™‚ and then looked down at me as I rubbed my hands over her gorgeous body and told me that my teasing was over.

Over, as in, finished, no more, too late, done, complete. Bah!

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