Asking permission again…

Had a massive spike in views yesterday for no apparent reason, which turned out to be my best day ever since the blog moved to fetblogger. Looks like someone was really enjoying the captions… 🙂

Last night Mistress and I went to our favourite pub for a couple of drinks, we came home in the pouring rain and watched some TV, then because I had to get up for work (MR doesn’t work on Fridays) I went to bed about 11:45pm. Although not before I spent five or ten minutes lying on the lounge floor worshipping Mistress’s beautiful feet.

When I got into bed I read for a short while (She Makes Me Pay by Brain1 – read it HERE), worth a read if you are into creampie/cum eating stories. Just after midnight I shut off the light and went to sleep, and a while later I heard Mistress coming to bed. My cock was hard and when Mistress got into bed I cuddled against her, my cock getting harder and harder as I kissed her back.

This is my ‘problem’ with having to ask permission. It’s most often in these situations, late at night and I’m conscious that Mistress probably wants to go to sleep. Still, I can’t help when I get hard, I’m not going to ask for permission unless I’m already hard, because if I’m not already turned on enough then I don’t really ‘need’ to ask permission do I?

Sometimes I don’t ask, but on this occasion, since it was a Thursday and Mistress doesn’t have to get up early the next day, I asked and Mistress told me I could stroke for a short while. I curled my fingers around my cock and stroked firmly but fairly slowly, the tip rubbing against Mistress’s gorgeous ass.

I whispered to her, “I wish I could cum all over your beautiful ass” and Mistress giggled, while I pondered whether it was worth using my voucher. I waited to see if she would suggest using my voucher, but she didn’t and then she told me to stop and go to sleep. So that decision was taken out of my hands anyway. Probably for the best.

It’s day 34 for me today, and Mistress said there will be more pussy worship tonight. 🙂

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