Voucher, used…

Well, tonight I used my voucher… but probably not in the way you imagine. After I brought Mistress to orgasm with my tongue, she had me move up between her legs and she stroked my cock a little. I wondered if this meant she wanted me to slide inside her, but (possibly because she didn’t think I was hard enough) instead she told me to lie down instead.

After a few minutes of sucking, stroking and slapping my cock and balls I was nice and hard and I decided to use my voucher, telling Mistress that ‘I wanted to be inside her’. She asked me if that meant I was using my voucher, and then asked me if I was sure that I wanted to do that.

Satisfied that I was sure, Mistress straddled me and sank down onto my cock. She was so slippery and it felt wonderful to be inside her, I really love being inside her when she has just cum. Mistress rode my cock a while and then I asked if I could see her gorgeous breasts.

Mistress thought for a moment and then said that I could either see her breasts or have an extra minute inside her. That was unexpected and a bit of a tough choice, I thought it over for a few seconds and then Mistress demanded an answer. I chose to see her naked and she looked a little surprised, but removed her bra and then squeezed her beautiful tits while she continued to ride my cock.

I begged to be allowed to suck her nipples, Mistress looked down at me, thinking about whether she would grant my request. In the end she allowed me to suck each nipple once before sitting upright and riding my cock a little while longer. Then she lifted herself off and knelt next to me. She delivered a few slaps to my cock and then told me that was it for tonight.

So the voucher is gone, and full power over my orgasms is restored to Mistress R.

In a way, I’m glad about that, although I’ll probably regret it later in the month. It was lovely to be inside her though, my cock was absolutely soaked with her pussy juice when she got off me.

Lovely! 🙂

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