How things change…

I imagine that for a lot of people reading this blog what I am about to say would not come as a great surprise, indeed for many it will probably resonate deeply.

I genuinely find more satisfaction in making my Mistress cum than anything else.

Of course I love being teased, I love being inside her, I love being allowed to worship her feet and her ass, I love being tied up, I love being fucked, I love being allowed to cum and not being allowed to cum. I love being made to swallow my cum and I even love being whipped… or rather I love how wet it makes Mistress when she whips and paddles me.

But nothing really compares to the moment when her muscles tighten and she starts to tremble slightly, hovering on the edge of orgasm and then the release as she tumbles over the precipice while I try to keep my tongue in place as she bucks against me. I love the way she pushes my head away and then a second later pulls it back towards her… only to push it away again when she becomes too sensitive.

I’ve always loved the taste of pussy, and I must admit I found it very frustrating in my early years that both Mistress R and my previous girlfriend where very hesitant about letting me use my tongue on them. I’m glad to say that since I’ve managed to convince Mistress that I genuinely love licking her she has become a lot more relaxed about it, indeed I think it would be fair to say that she has fully embraced it now. 🙂

A glance at the Orgasm page on this blog will tell you that every single one of Mistress’s orgasms since April 2011 (bar one, actually) has been delivered by my tongue. On that occasion, I was lying next to Mistress and started using my fingers on her with a view to moving on to licking her pussy, but after a while she seemed too far into it and I thought that if I try to change tack it might break her stride (so to speak).

So I continued, and Mistress had quite an impressive orgasm. So, I thought… this would probably be a new thing, since she obviously enjoyed it so much (indeed in the early years of our relationship most of Mistress’s orgasms came from my fingers rather than my tongue) in future she’d probably want me to lick her sometimes and use my fingers others. Well, in actuality, that didn’t happen. When I broached the subject with Mistress, and asked her if she wanted me to just use my fingers, she looked at me as if I was mad and simply said ‘No’.

Not that I’m complaining you understand, I would much rather use my tongue (with my fingers) but I assumed that she might appreciate the variety. Turns out that on that one occasion when I used my fingers she just thought I didn’t want to use my tongue on her for some reason. Nothing could be further from the truth of course, I simply didn’t want to disrupt her when she was already well on her way.

Of course I would be quite happy to just use my fingers sometimes if that’s what she wanted, but I must admit that I wasn’t unhappy with her reaction. It was nice to be able to be nearer her and more able to watch her as she came (a beautiful sight) but I must admit I did miss the intimacy of having my face between her thighs and tasting her gorgeous pussy.

It’s quite a turn around from years ago when I practically had to beg to be allowed to lick her pussy. But then a lot has changed since then I guess… and neither of us seem remotely inclined to want to go back. 🙂

7 thoughts on “How things change…

  1. “I genuinely find more satisfaction in making my Mistress cum than anything else. ”

    My sentiments exactly. Just five minutes ago, when Mistress was about to get in the shower, I was hugging her naked body, kissing her neck with my hands roaming over her gorgeous naked flesh. I was begging her. Begging for one thing …. to be allowed to make and watch her cum.

    • Hi S.H.I.P.
      It doesn’t surprise me in the least that we are of one mind on this subject, what a lucky pair we are.

  2. I’ve always been a bit envious of you, Rob, in regard to the amount of time you’re allowed to spend with your face in lovely Mistress R’s sensitive spots, both front and rear. CH is much like it sounds Mistress R was earlier on, although there is no doubt in her mind that I really like to eat pussy.
    My opportunities to taste her pussy come infrequently. I continue to subtly work toward spending more time with her juices on my tongue.
    On the other hand, I’m very thankful of the fact that she truly enjoys taking my cock in her mouth to tease and edge me… No shortage of that!!


      • Hi, Rob,

        CH does know my thoughts well on the topic of cunnilingus and sympathizes with me to some small degree. She’s right when she says I should be satisfied with what I get, because she does treat me well in every other respect.

        She has no idea why she doesn’t enjoy being eaten… No childhood trauma, no fears of me being offended by the taste or smell of her vagina… She is simply very sensitive to me touching her with my mouth… Go figure.

        On the plus side, when she is wildly aroused, she won’t hesitate, on occasion, to grab my hair and hump the hell out of my face… When that happens, she has orgasms that are very intense but leave her nervous and jittery…

        I shall continue to let her do things the way she needs to, and thank her profusely when I do get a taste of her creamy snatch..


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