Friday’s are good…

Mistress got to enjoy a really hard orgasm on my tongue last night, although I wasn’t really feeling up to being teased. This morning I woke up hard and being as it’s Friday Mistress was still in bed with me, so I asked permission to stroke my cock, which she allowed me to do for a couple of minutes before telling me to get up and go to work.

Really looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend, this week has been hard work (my colleague has been off on his holidays) and last weekend turned into a job-fest. Hopefully I will get to taste Mistress’s gorgeous pussy again at least once before Monday. 🙂 It’s supposed to be hot here this weekend as well, that’ll get me out of cutting the hedge!

4 thoughts on “Friday’s are good…

  1. I had a very similar experience last night. Mistress K. had an incredible orgasm using her vibrator. When she came to bed, I was begging her to allow me to be inside of her, even if just for a few thrusts, because “it has been so long”. I begged and begged and begged, and she would not relent. She is so strong.

    All that begging had her horny. Instead of allowing me to enter her, even for just a moment, she told me to fetch her vibrator and allowed me to witness her having an orgasm. I LOVE THAT!!!!

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