Lovely teasing for me…

Last night I was sitting on the sofa minding my own business when Mistress R come over to me and knelt between my legs. I wasn’t feeling that good at the time, and I wasn’t really in the mood to be teased… but it seemed my cock had other ideas. Mistress kissed me briefly and when she pulled away my cock was rock hard.

Mistress teased it with a finger, and I said… ‘Well maybe it would be okay then.’

Mistress soon had my cock out and knelt there sucking me, I can’t even remember the last time she knelt on the floor in front of me sucking my cock. I remember it used to happen a lot more often before chastity, well a bit more… but then that used to end with me either cumming in her mouth or over myself…

Mistress instructed me to open my eyes and watch her sucking my cock, it was hard not to imagine standing up and fucking her mouth, but of course, that was never going to happen! Mistress started slapping my cock and then sucked it some more. It felt wonderful and made me completely forget about the pain in my stomach.

After a while Mistress stood up and declared the end of my teasing, she leaned forward and we shared a lovely cock and wine flavoured kiss… 🙂

Sadly the plan was for me to worship Mistress’s beautiful pussy this morning, but that didn’t happen, it will probably be tomorrow night now.

One thought on “Lovely teasing for me…

  1. Congrats on your cumming!
    Yes, things are different here now from how they were in the “old days”…we can recall fondly, though! sara e

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