Bank Holiday Monday…

In the not too distant past, Bank Holiday weekends used to mean a trip to Santa Pod to watch drag racing, but being as the UK is a) not exactly the epicentre of drag racing, and b) usually wet, especially on Bank Holidays Mistress and I eventually decided that exciting as watching a top fuel dragster blasting by at 300mph is, the endless waiting around and the very small field of Top Fuel runners just made it a bit of a chore.

So this weekend has been mostly about chores, the hedge has been cut, the Rowan trees trimmed, and the lounge and dining room is half way through being painted. We’re at that scary stage now where it’s half still sandy cream colour and half oak leaf green and it’s dawning on us that we may need to buy another lamp or two.

Dark walls are cool though, because they make the doors and the pictures stand out so well. When I was a kid I had a black bedroom (cos I was METAL) and I had all these cool posters with white edges that looked brilliant, and really most of the time when we are at home it’s dark anyway so we need the lights on.

What has all this got to do with chastity and Femdom I hear you ask? Well, faaaaaaack all. Nothing has happened in the last three days, and my cock hasn’t been touched in five, so I’m afraid I have nothing that interesting to tell you. That’s not Mistress’s fault by the way, my digestion has been rather troublesome of late. 🙁

Speaking of pains in the arse, I seem to spend far too much time checking the tumblr sites I follow. I just wish people would be a bit more selective about what they post. I only follow about six or seven tumblrs, but some of them just throw everything they find at their blog.

I hope my tumblr will be a beacon of quality over quantity, just chucking two hundred pictures up every day is not for me. Hopefully the tumblr thing will send a few more people here to view my proper blog though, so it’s not completely without sense.

Right, I suppose I better get back to the painting now…

5 thoughts on “Bank Holiday Monday…

    • Hi Del
      You lucky sod!
      In Europe you’d struggle to get 8 top fuel dragsters, and TF Funny Cars are even scarcer. Which means it’s just over so quick… and then it’s another 4 or 5 hours until they run again.
      Ron Capps eh, is he ever going to be champ? Or will Force just clean up again?

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