Awesome, unlike the last few days…


Isn’t this AWESOME?

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After our Femdom Session on Monday, Mistress and I took a little trip to Bath. It was great, we had a fantastic meal out, went to the museum of costume and fashion and had a lovely cocktail in a bar. We also managed to find me a coat that was warm enough for winter but stylish into the bargain, which was just what I was looking for (I fucking hate last winter’s coat and can’t wait to get rid of it).

As I was going to bed on Thursday night I noticed my right eye was a little bit bloodshot, but thought nothing of it. I woke up in the middle of the night with my eye completely stuck together and very sore. I’ve never had an eye infection before and I’m not in a hurry to have another one. By Friday night my eye was swollen and almost completely closed, and then being an idiot I slept on my left side on Friday night and so the infection spread into the other eye.

Fortunately I went to our local pharmacy and got some antibiotic eyedrops which seem to be doing the trick. The left eye didn’t get as bad because it only just started when I got the drops, the right eye is not just pink again instead of completely red, so I think it’s working.

In addition I’ve had a sore throat as well, probably connected, according to the doctor I saw on Saturday, so the last few days have been a bit sucky for me, and needless to say it hasn’t exactly led to a lot of sexy fun for Mistress R and I.

Back to work tomorrow, and more importantly back to the diet. Going to have to be a big push to Christmas, seeing as I’ve pissed about so much these last few months… 🙁

FEMDOM SESSION: 21st September 2015…

Mistress and I are on holiday this week, so we decided to move our session from it’s traditional Sunday morning slot to Monday. What better way to celebrate not going to work than having a session?

Again I managed to keep my hands off my cock the whole month, and I haven’t missed a single towel duty either, so Mistress had very little to punish me for. She told me that she was going to give me a little punishment spanking anyway just to keep me in order.

I embellished this a little in my own head I must admit… I imagined her saying ‘You haven’t given me a reason to punish you slave, but I’m going to anyway, because I can… and because I like it!’.

Mistress gave me about ten or eleven strokes of the cat before having me kneel up on the floor at the foot of the bed. She grabbed the glass dildo off the bedside table and immediately told me to suck it and get it wet for her. As I concentrated on worshipping her gorgeous feet Mistress toyed her pussy, until I could her the lovely sound of the glass cock penetrating her.

As ever I was instructed to keep my eyes down, which was difficult, but for the last little bit Mistress allowed me to look up and watch her sliding the dildo into her pussy. She had me lick the dildo clean and then had me up on the bed, face up and tied me to the four corners.

It wasn’t long before Mistress was straddling my face and riding my tongue. She had instructed me to wear my Oxballs and my cock was soon hard as I enjoyed her taste and smell overwhelming me. Then she moved down the bed and started using my cock for her own pleasure, riding it as she pleased, before standing up over my head and allowing me to look up at her beautiful pussy and ass while she stroked and slapped my cock and balls.

The session seemed to go incredibly quickly and in no time Mistress had the glass butt plug inside me and the pegs on my nipples, and I was left alone for a short time. Almost as soon as she left the Oxballs really started to sting, but I managed to endure it for the next few minutes without too much trouble.

When Mistress came back she untied me and had me on my hands and knees with the glass butt plug / dildo still in my ass. She hand spanked me a few times and fucked my ass a little with the dildo, which was quite nice, and while it was disappointingly brief, it was nice to get the Oxballs off!

Then it was time for me to worship Mistress’s beautiful pussy properly. 🙂

She had a very intense orgasm and then stood up leaving the PVC sheet spattered with pussy juice. As she stood over me more pussy juice dripped out of her and pooled on the sheet, which was so hot! She turned around and then had me lick the backs of her legs and ass clean, before instructing me to clean the sheet with my tongue. I don’t think I’ve ever swallowed so much gorgeous pussy juice at one time, it was AWESOME! 🙂

After this Mistress had me turn over again and then stood over me once again, stroking my cock until it was nice and hard, then making me beg to lick her ass. She let me lick her ass three times, making me beg between each one, but I was still disappointed when she finally stood up and told me the session was over, I would have loved to lick her ass for a lot longer.

Ah well, I guess that’s how these sessions are supposed to end, with a satisfied Mistress and a slave desperate for more. 🙂


I just had a quick look at Literotica for the first time in a few weeks and I was pleased to see that ‘Girls Talk’ is now my highest rated story, which is great because I actually think it was the best thing I’d done in a long time. Also pleased that my other recent story is sitting right up there in second place too.

For the record, here are my top eight rated stories, all of which have a ‘HOT’ rating – above 4.50. (Click on the title to read):

Girls Talk (August 2015) – 4.68 / 5

Punishing Scott’s Balls (May 2015) – 4.66 / 5

The Conversation (January 2011) – 4.60 / 5

Daniel Strokes for His Mistress (April 2014) – (4.57 / 7)

Out of Your Hands (February 2010) – 4.55* / 5

Frustration (June 2015) – 4.55 / 5

Everything Has a Price (February 2011) – 4.50* / 5

The Next Step (April 2011) – 4.50 / 5

*Multi-chapter stories – scores averaged out.

I also uploaded a new Webtease yesterday, click HERE to try it out.

Teasing, interrupted…

At the moment life is very hectic, and trying to find time to blog is a struggle to say the least. Still, tonight we managed to make time for some fun, which lead to Mistress having a very hard and explosive orgasm indeed. That was so lovely to witness…

For some reason Mistress had accidentally taken her bra off, which she never does anymore if we are going to get up again… she even commented on it. But seeing as she had she decided to use her gorgeous breasts to tease my poor cock, rubbing it against them and generally making me very horny indeed.

Actually Mistress usually leans over me, facing away to tease me, but tonight she made the most of things by kneeling up and showing off her gorgeousness and making things very hard for me. She also rubbed the tip of my cock against her pussy, just allowing the very tip to dip between her wet lips. Eventually she gave me the choice of being allowed to lick her ass or having another two minutes of teasing. I chose to lick her ass and she quickly straddled my head and sank down onto my tongue, stroking my cock hard and fast as I pressed my tongue into her ass. When she stopped I was seconds away from telling her I needed her to stop, then she lifted off and gave my cock another few slaps before leaving me absolutely throbbing.

Actually we did have a brief interruption to our playtime, as our cat Minkie (not called Cleo anymore) came into the bedroom and sat on the floor watching Mistress teasing my cock. Mistress quickly took her back downstairs and then came back to rescue the situation beautifully.

Ruined again…

Tonight Mistress ruined my orgasm for the second time in a few weeks, this is an interesting development since before a few weeks ago I hadn’t had a ruined one in ages. This one was much more ‘ruined’ than all my previous ones, since usually those have been completely lacking in feeling, whereas this one was much more the way I have seen others describe it. I think painful would be over-egging it, but since Mistress was stroking me up to the edge very aggressively before she let go, it was definitely a different and more intense feeling than what I have felt before. Much more frustrating as well, since the sensation was so close to tipping into a pleasurable orgasm, but just couldn’t quite make it.

And I tried, of course… but no amount of willpower or muscle contraction could compensate for the loss of Mistress fingers around my cock. So I just had to watch as my cum dribbled out, while Mistress watched and teased me with the lightest touch of her fingers before scooping it up and feeding it to me.

I noticed something as well. Mistress’s expression was different too. In the past she’s always had a mild frown about her when she’s ruined me, as if she was doing something she didn’t really want to do. But this time, it was that mildly amused look I’ve seen a lot lately… which, I’m sure I don’t need to explain – added to the erotic frustration of the event.

Mistress needed to cum…

The decorating is nearly finished… just the curtains to sort out now, and that is just about it for the time being. Mistress decided I needed a night off from painting last night though, and more to the point she needed to cum! And I wasn’t going to argue with that! 🙂

So Mistress had a lovely orgasm and I got well and truly teased, which included some very hard cock slapping indeed. Mistress never takes her rings off, so every time she slaps my cock and balls not only do I get the slap but also the backs of her rings too.

Which reminds me of something I once read in Forum about a woman who was very inventive in abusing her husband’s cock. I wonder if I can find it again… the things I really remember about the letter were that the wife didn’t understand his want for CBT but she decided to oblige him if it kept him happy on the understanding that he didn’t try and discuss it with her.

I remember her jerking him off with a piece of toast (ouch!) and turning her engagement ring round to give him a handjob, and the indentation staying in his cock for several days…

Anyway… not surprisingly, I didn’t get to cum, and I never really got that close, despite my cock being absolutely rock hard. It was frustrating in the extreme, and of course that’s just the way it’s supposed to be. 🙂

Hopefully once the decorating is properly done with, things can get back to normal around here.

Back to Square 2…

Well, another period of chastity has drawn to a close and today I am back to square one again. What with my tummy troubles, the decorating (still not finished that) and then Mistress’s period, this last week was a total bust, Mistress went nearly a whole week without cumming and my cock had not even been touched for 9 days (and no I didn’t touch it either!).

So Friday night we were determined to enjoy ourselves. It’s funny though, it always seems a little harder to make Mistress cum after a break like that… you would think it would be easier, but it doesn’t seem to work like that. Not that I’m complaining, it just seems to take me longer to find the ‘groove’, if you know what I mean. Still, Mistress had a fantastic orgasm in the end, and that’s what really matters. 🙂

Once Mistress had me hard, it was quite amazing just how hard I felt. After a few minutes of teasing Mistress’s ass with my fingers while she sucked me she decided to straddle me and ride my cock. This was wonderful, but it soon became clear that having not been touched for 9 days and carrying 19 days of cum… this wasn’t going to be easy.

Mistress looked gorgeous riding my cock and I really wanted to ask her to remove her bra but seeing as I had to keep closing my eyes anyway, just to keep away from the edge, this didn’t seem like a great idea. But Mistress decided to take it off anyway… and then started playing with her breasts while she rode me. I managed to croak out ‘Thank you, Mistress’, before she told me not to speak until she said I could.

Okay, that was new… and a little troubling since if I couldn’t speak then how could I warn her I was about to explode inside her? Only one thing for it, hold it back like a good slave. 🙂

I don’t know whether Mistress could tell from my expression I was struggling, but after a while she said I could speak ‘if I needed to‘, by which time I had ridden it out and was reasonably okay. But, after a little while longer I felt the pressure building and told Mistress I was getting close. Mistress started riding me harder and told me to cum inside her.

It was a very intense orgasm and no sooner had I finished cumming than Mistress straddled my face and had me lick her pussy clean. There wasn’t a massive amount of cum, but it certainly wasn’t left in my balls… I think it was just too deep inside her. A lovely way to finish though.

So it’s back to square one, well actually square two now… being as it’s Sunday now.