Teasing, interrupted…

At the moment life is very hectic, and trying to find time to blog is a struggle to say the least. Still, tonight we managed to make time for some fun, which lead to Mistress having a very hard and explosive orgasm indeed. That was so lovely to witness…

For some reason Mistress had accidentally taken her bra off, which she never does anymore if we are going to get up again… she even commented on it. But seeing as she had she decided to use her gorgeous breasts to tease my poor cock, rubbing it against them and generally making me very horny indeed.

Actually Mistress usually leans over me, facing away to tease me, but tonight she made the most of things by kneeling up and showing off her gorgeousness and making things very hard for me. She also rubbed the tip of my cock against her pussy, just allowing the very tip to dip between her wet lips. Eventually she gave me the choice of being allowed to lick her ass or having another two minutes of teasing. I chose to lick her ass and she quickly straddled my head and sank down onto my tongue, stroking my cock hard and fast as I pressed my tongue into her ass. When she stopped I was seconds away from telling her I needed her to stop, then she lifted off and gave my cock another few slaps before leaving me absolutely throbbing.

Actually we did have a brief interruption to our playtime, as our cat Minkie (not called Cleo anymore) came into the bedroom and sat on the floor watching Mistress teasing my cock. Mistress quickly took her back downstairs and then came back to rescue the situation beautifully.

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