Awesome, unlike the last few days…


Isn’t this AWESOME?

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After our Femdom Session on Monday, Mistress and I took a little trip to Bath. It was great, we had a fantastic meal out, went to the museum of costume and fashion and had a lovely cocktail in a bar. We also managed to find me a coat that was warm enough for winter but stylish into the bargain, which was just what I was looking for (I fucking hate last winter’s coat and can’t wait to get rid of it).

As I was going to bed on Thursday night I noticed my right eye was a little bit bloodshot, but thought nothing of it. I woke up in the middle of the night with my eye completely stuck together and very sore. I’ve never had an eye infection before and I’m not in a hurry to have another one. By Friday night my eye was swollen and almost completely closed, and then being an idiot I slept on my left side on Friday night and so the infection spread into the other eye.

Fortunately I went to our local pharmacy and got some antibiotic eyedrops which seem to be doing the trick. The left eye didn’t get as bad because it only just started when I got the drops, the right eye is not just pink again instead of completely red, so I think it’s working.

In addition I’ve had a sore throat as well, probably connected, according to the doctor I saw on Saturday, so the last few days have been a bit sucky for me, and needless to say it hasn’t exactly led to a lot of sexy fun for Mistress R and I.

Back to work tomorrow, and more importantly back to the diet. Going to have to be a big push to Christmas, seeing as I’ve pissed about so much these last few months… 🙁

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