Did I just initiate penetration…?

I think I maybe did. Mistress and I were out late last night and this morning we were both in bed still around 8:30 (which is pretty unusual for us). Mistress got up to pee and as I lay in bed with my cock feeling VERY hard I imagined her calling me… ‘Slave, come here and lick me clean’.

That’s probably never going to happen of course, but for some reason the thought popped into my head and made my cock throb even harder. When she came back to bed the sight of her gorgeous naked body only made it worse and soon she was stroking my cock and teasing me while I played with her beautiful breasts.

Well things progressed and Mistress threw her leg over me and started rubbing my cock against her pussy, but at this stage I still felt this was just to tease me. However, it wasn’t long before I had my fingers inside her and then she pulled me on top of her and inside her.

It felt so good watching Mistress laying squeezing her gorgeous tits as I slid in and out of her. I lifted her legs up and started kissing her feet as I fucked her, but all too soon I could feel myself getting a bit close for comfort.

I tried to push it back but it was not having it, and I warned Mistress that I was getting close, unsure of how she would respond. She asked me if I wanted to be allowed to cum inside her, and while I guess the answer should have been ‘whatever pleases you Mistress’, this time it all felt a bit different… I felt like I had initiated this so I wasn’t sure what I was ‘supposed’ to do next.

I told her that I did want to and Mistress told me to cum inside her. I was already close and the second I started to fuck her harder I could feel my cum spurting inside her. Even when I was done Mistress’s pussy was still squeezing my cock and even though it felt wonderful to cum inside her I did feel a slight a pang of regret that it had been over so quickly.

We were debating whether to have our Femdom session tomorrow, but that’s kind of off the table now, I can’t imagine doing a session having cum the day before, we’ve never done that… and it would be weird not feeling at least a little desperate to cum.

Mistress obviously enjoyed our fun this morning, and she’s not really one to hold me to any ‘rules’, even rules that she made and we’ve stuck by for nearly five years. I guess she could easily have stopped me at any point (and she has before), and she obviously wanted me inside her, but I still can’t help but feel that I pushed it from a simple teasing to full sex.

I guess when we do have our Femdom session, Mistress has something concrete to punish me for if she chooses to do so, and that makes four orgasms for me this month, which is the most I’ve had since April 2011 (our very first month of full time chastity).

I wonder where things will progress now, it feels like we’ve deviated from our chosen path, although that’s not strictly true as ‘the path’ was always that Mistress could give me as many orgasms as she wanted… it’s just that up until now she’s tended to keep it to one or two a month.

Obviously I’m not upset about it or anything, I wanted Mistress to control my orgasms and I’m happy for here to allow me as many as she wants. If she wanted to make me cum ten times in a month, or not at all, as long as she decides what she wants then I’m happy.

EDIT: It’s at times like these that I kind of wonder if blogging is a good thing, because when I read this it could easily be misinterpreted. But when I blog on here I can’t help but filter my thoughts through the ‘chastity’femdom’ mindset, I hope Mistress R understands that when (if) she reads it.

EDIT 2: Actually, having thought about this some more, maybe Mistress wanted my cock inside her all along, maybe rubbing my cock against her pussy was her giving me the green light and what I took to be me initiating penetration was nothing of the sort???

A real WTF moment…

I was in the Post Office today, sending a parcel. To my left at the next window there was a woman and a boy (about 9 maybe, I have as little as possible to do with kids so I’m never sure about ages). The kid touches my parcel on the scale and then slowly strokes my arm.

I’m like, errr… whatever.

Then his Mum says “Leave that man alone”.

The kid says “I only stroked his arm”.

The woman said something like “Well don’t.”

To which he said… and I swear this is 100% true.

“But I like stroking men, that’s what boys do.”

Seriously, like WHAT THE FUCK did he just say???

Expect the unexpected…

This afternoon Mistress allowed me to cum once again, making it the third time this month. The last time I came three times in a month was last September, by the way… and I’ve now had 11 orgasms since April 1st 2015, which means (with 5 months to go) I’m extremely unlikely to have less orgasms this orgasm year than last… but I guess it could happen. Maybe Mistress needs to start ruining me and restricting me to bi-monthly orgasms!

After making her cum, Mistress stroked my cock a while before straddling me and riding my cock. For once she wasn’t wearing her bra and I was able to see and feel her gorgeous breasts as she rode me. I was starting to wonder if Mistress was going to allow me to cum inside her, but unexpectedly she got off me and turned around, standing over me I could see her beautiful stretched pussy, that was so very HOT!. Mistress pulled her ass cheeks apart and asked me if there was anything I wanted to ask her.

After a little begging, Mistress allowed me to lick her ass a while, stroking me quite hard and fast until I had to warn her that I was getting close. Then she slowed right down and allowed me to back a little way from the edge. Then she asked if I wanted to lick her ass again, and made me beg for it once more.

It wasn’t long before Mistress had me on edge again and this time when I warned her Mistress said that she was going to let me cum, but only if I could cum before she counted to ten. I think I started cumming around 6. It was a slightly odd orgasm, as it was quite intense but for whatever reason my cum wasn’t spurting that much. Part way through I jerked really hard and knocked Mistress a little off balance, which meant she let go of my cock. Then after a few seconds she grabbed it again and jerked it really hard which was really intense and thankfully she didn’t keep that up too long. Then Mistress gathered a large glob of cum on her fingers and fed it to me to swallow.

A little bit of fantasy…

As Mistress was sucking and stroking my cock earlier this evening, I noticed her looking back over her shoulder and smiling at the expression on my face. As she returned to the task at hand, I imagined her voice as she stroked me hard and fast…

“I’ve decided that all your orgasms from now until Christmas will be ruined, and if you cum without permission I will slap and squeeze your balls and completely ruin it anyway. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress!”

Sadly it was just a daydream…

Pondering the Vanilla…

As quite often these days, it is reading other people’s blogs which inspires me to write posts for my own. This time it’s ‘I’m-Hers’ who has sparked my interest with a post about something I’m sure that I’ve pondered before on here. The question: ‘could we back to a normal vanilla relationship, or is it too late?’.

It’s an interesting and well written (as always) post, but the (22) comments are just as interesting and well worth a read. I noticed our good friend Sub-Hub making some interesting comments and it was one of his comments that actually really made me put finger to keyboard here….

I’m Her’s situation is a bit different to mine and Mistress R’s, theirs is more of a Wife Led Marriage where ours… isn’t that at all. Mistress R controls my orgasms and pleasure but she doesn’t give me chores (except cleaning the bathroom in my frilly panties of course…. no wait that’s a joke 🙂 ) or assume control of my salary. Nor is that something either of us wants.

So actually, in our case I do think that it wouldn’t be that difficult to go back. I mean it would take a little time to get used to things but, really we haven’t strayed all that far from the ‘norm’.

The comment made by Sub Hub which caught my attention was where he mentioned that he and Mistress K discussed their relationship and what the other would look for in a future partner in the case of one or other of them’s unfortunate demise.

Mistress K apparently wouldn’t want another submissive husband, feeling that their relationship is unique to them, whereas Sub Hub said he ‘paused long enough for her to assume that he would want another ‘Mistress’.

I can relate to that.

As much as Mistress R loves controlling my cock and getting as many orgasms as she wants, whenever she wants… all this ‘stuff’ originated from me and I honestly don’t think that if I were to die young (probably a bit late for that really!) she would be looking for a submissive-type replacement.

I’m pretty sure that if I was to have another relationship (and I’m not entirely sure I would, even though I am an awesome catch 🙂 ), if I did then I probably would want someone who I could see as a Mistress, though I have no idea how or how soon I would go about it… or whether I would feel comfortable going through the various steps to make it happen again.

On the other hand, if you don’t try you will never get anywhere (if only I was as ambitious in everyday life!), and you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs. Breaking those eggs wasn’t the easiest of experiences… would I really want to do that again? Not entirely sure. It’s a chicken and egg situation isn’t it, I guess if I couldn’t broach it then that to me would suggest that I wasn’t comfortable enough with that person to spend the rest of my life with them…

What would be interesting would be to see how Mistress R fared with a normal bloke after being ‘in charge’ for so long? Maybe she would like having a more ‘dominant’ partner, but I wonder how long for? She certainly doesn’t seem to show any signs of willingness as far as giving up her current role…

You can read I’m Her’s post HERE

Craving desperation…

I posted a short video on my tumblr* which was kind of unusual… you can see it HERE.

I’m really not at all interested in sissification, but the thing about it that was kind of hot was thinking how horny he/she must have been to cum while being locked up just from fucking his/her ass with a dildo.

As much as I love that Mistress decides when I get to cum, sometimes I really crave that feeling of desperation you get when you haven’t cum for a long time. But more than that, I crave the uncertainty of waiting for weeks and then having my orgasm ruined at the last second… thinking I was getting that much needed release, only for it to be cruelly snatched away at the last second.

Or for Mistress to give me permission to cum from having my balls pulled or my ass fucked without stimulation to my cock… that would be really hot too.


TUMBLR* (yeah, that thing… which is already kind of tiresome. I actually un-followed Mistress Viroth in the end because I got sick to death of seeing the same ten things being posted over and over and over and over again)

A little older now…

It’s sad to report, but I am now officially closer to 50 than 40. I turned 46 on Friday, but I’m not depressed about it or anything. Honestly. I had a good birthday, I’ve had a cold since Thursday so it wasn’t brilliant, but I got some really cool presents and Mistress and I had a lovely meal at home so it was pretty damn good really…

We were hoping for a Femdom session tomorrow but as I’ve still got a cold that’s really not going to happen now. We went out this morning (I felt like getting out of the house and getting some fresh air would be a good thing) to a nice town about an hour away, we looked around, had a fantastic lunch (couldn’t manage a dessert though) and I picked up a new TAG Heuer catalogue from a jewellers… total cronograph pornography! 🙂

I noticed the other day my old blog is getting near to 2.5m pageviews, and I just checked and it’s still getting about 1200 hits a week which is pretty amazing considering all that it really has on it now is my stories. I’m really surprised, one story has been read 30 times today, which seems crazy!

It’s doing better than this one at the moment, but then this one isn’t getting much attention, because, again there doesn’t seem to be that much to write about at the moment.

I don’t know if you find this but sometimes in my life it feels like I’m pushing to get to a certain point, and even though you know you should be enjoying your life along the way, the focus is so concentrated on getting there that you feel like you just want to get there and then everything will be different. I’m kind of in that zone right now. It won’t be until next April, so it’s a way off, but once I get there it’s going to be a big difference in my financial position and I feel like I will feel so much more relaxed about life in general.

Again, sorry for the lack of posts of late, the days just go by so quickly sometimes… here’s something someone sent me today, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if I can’t entertain you then this might.

The World’s Biggest Penis…

I briefly caught a few moments of a documentary on TV last night called ‘The World’s Biggest Penis’. Surprisingly it wasn’t about the life and times of Justin Bieber… but I did catch a glimpse of porn star ‘Omar’ talking about the difficulties of life with a massive cock (yeah, just ask Selena Gomez – Boom, tish!).

I hadn’t really thought about Omar for a long time, he was one of those people who had a slew of British Housewife videos, back in the days when you would end up on a mailing list and receive monthly catalogues through the post trying to sell you 3 VHS tapes for £20 – what a bargain.

I did have an Omar scene years ago, on a VHS tape that someone gave me, though I can’t for the life of me work out who. In the spirit of nostalgia I thought I would post it here for you to enjoy. That poor girl really earned her money, but she seemed to enjoy it!

Back to normal…

Another cracking orgasm for Mistress R this afternoon, nearly as violent as the last one! Awesome! 🙂 Superhot teasing for me too, Mistress was really slapping my balls and cock and stroking me very hard and fast at times… I really wanted to cum, but no chance. I never edged, but several times I felt it coming, but Mistress kept slowing down again, so frustrating. But I loved it. Then she told me off for sneakily rubbing my poor desperate cock against her when we were cuddling afterwards… hahaha.

The Age of Consent…

I have been meaning to write a post on this subject for a long time, I even thought I had, but a search comes up with nothing. So…

Two stories in the news this week, firstly a girl aged twelve will become the youngest British Mother shortly, while the father (a 19 year old) faces life in prison (life doesn’t mean that in the UK, probably 15 years max). Secondly, good old Kim Kardashian has revealed that she lost her virginity at 14 to her then boyfriend Tito Jackson.

I don’t know the laws in the United States and it’s more complicated because each state seems to have it’s own law and specifics. But as far as I can tell the age of consent in the USA in general is 16, some states seemingly shy away from calling it rape if there’s less than two years difference and one is younger than 16.

Now obviously nobody can seriously think that a child of 12 having sex with a 19 year old is a good thing, because obviously it’s not, but one thing that struck me about that was that if you look at the law in Europe, while a lot of countries use the 16, 17 age as the standard, Germany has an age of consent of 14. Not only that but the law further states that the age of consent is 14 as long as the older person is not over 21. So, bizarrely, if there was a couple where the guy was 20 and the girl was 14, that would be okay, but as soon as the guy turned 21 he would have to wait for the girl to turn 16 to have sex with her again.

Hmm… Can’t see any potential problems there. Perhaps if it can be shown that the couple were together before (and legal) it would mitigate somehow…? It does seem a bit strange though that it’s legal for a 20 year old man to have sex with a fourteen year old.

I’m actually really surprised that given the European Union’s desire for ever closer ties and common regulation that there hasn’t been a move to standardise the age of consent throughout Europe. Currently 14 of the European countries have 14 as the age of consent, twelve have 15, twenty one have 16, two have 17 and three have 18.

I don’t see a standard age coming in, since would it come down in Malta (currently 18), or up in Italy (currently 14)? Presumably Malta and Vatican City aren’t going to agree to a drop of 4 years, and while it seems almost logical for the age of consent to be 16 (although that could just be because it’s always been 16 here) would France agree to putting their age of consent up a year?

Incidentally,there has been a move to reduce the age of consent in the UK (to 14) as recently as 2013, there seems little support for such a change here. It wasn’t that long ago that the homosexual age of consent was reduced to 16 from 18 (from 21 not that long before), which was because a case was taken to the European court which decided that it was discriminatory to have two age of consents, for homosexuals and heterosexuals. That being the case I see even less likelihood of the age of consent being dropped here.

Law’s being country dependent, I assume if a 19yr old guy from the UK went to Germany with his 14 year old girlfriend and they had sex I presume nothing could be done about that? I can’t see how it’s any different than the 19yr old guy going to Germany and having sex with a 14 year old German girl, or a 14 year old girl going to Germany and having sex with a 19yr old German guy (you can switch the girls and guys around too in this example).

It’s all very complicated.

I lost my virginity at 18, to a 20 year old girl (so I missed out on sex with teenage girls altogether!), I was a pretty mature kid, but in all honesty I think eighteen was about right. 16 would have been too young for me I think and 14 would definitely have been too young. And like I said, I was a mature kid. So I certainly don’t think dropping the 16 A.O.C. is a good idea.

I suppose it’s further complicated by the fact that people like Kim Kardashian can now say they lost their virginity at 14 and really is there any public interest in addressing this? It’s happening all the time here in the UK, I know a women I worked with until recently told me that she knew her grandson (15) is sleeping with his girlfriend. But what is the point of addressing this legally?

There’s seems to be a pragmatic point of view which says, well you can’t stop it, the best thing to do is to make sure they use condoms / contraceptives. Which is sensible, but a rather odd attitude to laws. If you applied that logic to everything, then we’d been in a right mess. You can’t legally ride a motorcycle until you’re 16, but you can’t stop a fourteen from doing it so just make sure they wear a helmet…

So what’s the point of having a law then. Well obviously there has to be a law, and given that the age of consent is 16, but it’s sort of accepted that 14 and 15 year old’s will probably flout it, then if you reduce the age of consent to 14, do you then accept that 12 year old will flout it? Obviously not. I can see the logic of the argument for lowering the age of consent, but the people wanting to do so, are probably doing it with the mindset of an adult thinking that we drop the age and decriminalise the act for people that are already doing it, but then there will be no leeway.

Who would be a law-maker?