What a Night!

I knew Mistress wanted me to make her cum tonight, but I had no idea how great things would turn out. First of all, Mistress had a really, really hard orgasm, which was so amazing to be a part of… I just love it when she cums like that. 🙂

Afterwards she had me kneel between her open legs so that she could touch my cock while we kissed. It didn’t take long before I was nice and hard and as I knelt there kissing my beautiful Mistress I hoped that she was going to let me inside her. Funny, earlier in the day I was thinking about how it had been a while since I’d been allowed ‘on top’…

Mistress wrapped her legs around me and pulled me inside her silky, wet pussy, which felt just incredible. I love being inside her after she has cum because her pussy feels so different, so slick and sexy. Mmmm!

After a while Mistress told me to stop with my cock inside her. That was a first. It almost felt like she was enjoying ‘playing’ with me, probably knowing how bad I wanted to continue sliding back and forth, but just making me stay still with my cock throbbing inside her. She kissed me for a little while and then told me she wanted me to be inside her, but she wanted me to be able to see her ass.

I was quite surprised about this because Mistress knows damn well that her ass is a bit of a trigger for me. Soon she was laying on her side with my cock deep inside her beautiful pussy, while I resisted the urge to spread her ass cheeks and enjoy the sight of her asshole, right next to my cock… her pussy lips stretched around me. Mmmm.

Yeah, so that didn’t last long… and after a short while I started thrusting a little harder and faster, stopping briefly to enjoy the sight of Mistress’s asshole a few times… Mistress was obviously enjoying this immensely, as was I!

Inevitably, I started to get close and looking down at Mistress’s delicious ass wasn’t helping one bit. I really didn’t expect her to let me cum, but even as I stopped inside her, Mistress was pushing back against my cock. I told her I was close and she told me what she really wanted was for me to cum all over her ass and to lick it all up.

I was more than a little surprised, but I quickly responded, slamming my cock into her a few more times before pulling it out and jerking it over her ass and between her cheeks. I could not believe how much cum I had produced in five days, it was incredible. Still, obedient as ever, as soon as I finished cumming I slid down and started licking the copious mess off of Mistress’s ass while she moaned her pleasure. She seemed to be really enjoying it, which was really hot! 🙂

I kept licking for quite a while, swallowing every drop and licking Mistress’s asshole a little, just to make sure it was thoroughly cleaned.

Afterwards I asked Mistress if it was an early birthday present, she said – Maybe, or a late anniversary present! Either way it was totally amazing, what a night!

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