The World’s Biggest Penis…

I briefly caught a few moments of a documentary on TV last night called ‘The World’s Biggest Penis’. Surprisingly it wasn’t about the life and times of Justin Bieber… but I did catch a glimpse of porn star ‘Omar’ talking about the difficulties of life with a massive cock (yeah, just ask Selena Gomez – Boom, tish!).

I hadn’t really thought about Omar for a long time, he was one of those people who had a slew of British Housewife videos, back in the days when you would end up on a mailing list and receive monthly catalogues through the post trying to sell you 3 VHS tapes for £20 – what a bargain.

I did have an Omar scene years ago, on a VHS tape that someone gave me, though I can’t for the life of me work out who. In the spirit of nostalgia I thought I would post it here for you to enjoy. That poor girl really earned her money, but she seemed to enjoy it!

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