Craving desperation…

I posted a short video on my tumblr* which was kind of unusual… you can see it HERE.

I’m really not at all interested in sissification, but the thing about it that was kind of hot was thinking how horny he/she must have been to cum while being locked up just from fucking his/her ass with a dildo.

As much as I love that Mistress decides when I get to cum, sometimes I really crave that feeling of desperation you get when you haven’t cum for a long time. But more than that, I crave the uncertainty of waiting for weeks and then having my orgasm ruined at the last second… thinking I was getting that much needed release, only for it to be cruelly snatched away at the last second.

Or for Mistress to give me permission to cum from having my balls pulled or my ass fucked without stimulation to my cock… that would be really hot too.


TUMBLR* (yeah, that thing… which is already kind of tiresome. I actually un-followed Mistress Viroth in the end because I got sick to death of seeing the same ten things being posted over and over and over and over again)

4 thoughts on “Craving desperation…

    • Hi Gordon
      Yeah, it’s a stupid site run by a moron. If I knew how to take the clip out of the tumblr and repost it without a link I would do. I don’t think you can, unless you can tell me how to do it, then I will.

      • I’ve now changed the link so that it takes you to my tumblr rather than that other tumblr, hopefully that clears that up.

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