Expect the unexpected…

This afternoon Mistress allowed me to cum once again, making it the third time this month. The last time I came three times in a month was last September, by the way… and I’ve now had 11 orgasms since April 1st 2015, which means (with 5 months to go) I’m extremely unlikely to have less orgasms this orgasm year than last… but I guess it could happen. Maybe Mistress needs to start ruining me and restricting me to bi-monthly orgasms!

After making her cum, Mistress stroked my cock a while before straddling me and riding my cock. For once she wasn’t wearing her bra and I was able to see and feel her gorgeous breasts as she rode me. I was starting to wonder if Mistress was going to allow me to cum inside her, but unexpectedly she got off me and turned around, standing over me I could see her beautiful stretched pussy, that was so very HOT!. Mistress pulled her ass cheeks apart and asked me if there was anything I wanted to ask her.

After a little begging, Mistress allowed me to lick her ass a while, stroking me quite hard and fast until I had to warn her that I was getting close. Then she slowed right down and allowed me to back a little way from the edge. Then she asked if I wanted to lick her ass again, and made me beg for it once more.

It wasn’t long before Mistress had me on edge again and this time when I warned her Mistress said that she was going to let me cum, but only if I could cum before she counted to ten. I think I started cumming around 6. It was a slightly odd orgasm, as it was quite intense but for whatever reason my cum wasn’t spurting that much. Part way through I jerked really hard and knocked Mistress a little off balance, which meant she let go of my cock. Then after a few seconds she grabbed it again and jerked it really hard which was really intense and thankfully she didn’t keep that up too long. Then Mistress gathered a large glob of cum on her fingers and fed it to me to swallow.

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