You know that feeling when it’s SO HARD!

Well after my moany post earlier, I’m happy to report that a couple of hours ago Mistress R had a lovely big orgasm on my tongue, and I didn’t cough once! ๐Ÿ™‚

Afterwards Mistress set about teasing my poor cock and teased, stroked and slapped my cock and balls so well…. my cock was so hard, when she slapped it there was just no give in it at all, it was awesome. I wish it was that hard all the time… or maybe not ‘all’ the time, that would be impractical. ๐Ÿ™‚ But you know what I mean.

As Mistress was bringing me closer and closer to the edge I was fantasizing about being allowed to cum on her gorgeous ass and licking it up. Near the end Mistress moved up the bed to kiss me and I told her how much I wanted to lick my cum off her body. She said ‘Maybe you’ll be allowed to soon…’. I really hope so.

After calling a halt I was cuddling her with my rock hard cock squeezed against her and my finger tips gently teasing her ass. I decided to try my luck and begged to be allowed to worship her ass. I didn’t expect her to touch my cock again as she’d already told me my teasing was over, I just really wanted to lick her beautiful ass, but Mistress was kind enough to stroke my aching cock as she allowed me to (briefly) worship her ass.

I’d really love for Mistress to start thinking about ass worship in the same way she thinks about foot worship, in that it doesn’t have to be part of ‘sex’, but it can be a way for me to show my devotion to her whenever she wants me to. I doubt it would become a daily occurrence like foot worship has, but it would be nice sometimes to do it unexpectedly, like before we go to sleep…


I have a cold at the moment, which is no fun. Not so much a cold as a cough, but equally not fun. After our three day run the other day things have gone the other way, but then who wants a man coughing into their pussy? So, there is little to report on that score.

I’m terribly bored of tumblr. Kind of wish I never started it. In fact it takes so flipping long to look through what other people have posted (and I only follow about 7 people) to maybe find one picture I want to repost, I mean is it worth it? I don’t really think it is.

I got rid of my scales last week, I figured I’ve been weighing myself pretty much every day for fifteen years and it hasn’t done me any good at all, so why not just stop. I know that many people say scales are useless anyway because your weight can fluctuate massively and I found this to be the case last weekend. I supposedly gained seven pounds in two days, which is utter bollocks. I would have had to eat 40,000 calories to do that (I didn’t – honest), so that was the final straw really.

I’m in one of those periods where I can’t seem to get anything done. It’s frustrating, I get ideas for stories and then weeks go by and nothing is written. The ideas get forgotten, I have some written down somewhere but I can’t remember where. That’s helpful!

Oh what a depressing post this is…. how about something festive to cheer ourselves up! ๐Ÿ™‚



On a roll…

Well after our little drought, now it’s three orgasms in three days for Mistress R! After she came on my tongue, Mistress started sucking my cock and then after stroking me almost to the edge she straddled me and slid my cock inside her. Mistress was wearing a new bra, which while obscuring her gorgeous breasts, did look rather nice. It’s kinda see through, which is good, obviously!

However, to be honest, the last thing I needed to see right now was Mistress’s hard nipples, as I was already trying to stave off the edge. Thankfully as things progressed I managed to regain my composure a little bit and then Mistress lifted herself off and turned around, standing over me and asking me if I wanted to be allowed to worship her ass.

Mistress let me lick her gorgeous asshole three times, each time I had to beg, and each time she stroked my cock hard while I tongued her sweet hole. The last time was the best as I felt my tongue push a little deeper and probe her ass as she stroked me hard and fast.

It was all over far too quickly, and then Mistress gave my cock a few more slaps before calling a halt and leaving me throbbing (again). I begged for a few more strokes and Mistress kindly gave me about another seven or eight tight, slow strokes which felt fucking great!

We seem to be on a roll now, let’s hope we can do it again tomorrow. That would be awesome. ๐Ÿ™‚


I don’t usually dream about sex (unfortunately), but last night I did. I can’t really remember all that much about it, except that I definitely had my tongue planted in Mistress R’s gorgeous ass. The only other thing I remember was hunting through drawers trying to find some pink polka dot panties to put on. What the fuck is that all about! ๐Ÿ™‚

A little holiday…

Mistress and I are on a little holiday this week, well I guess we were as it’s just finished! Mistress was off the whole week but I had to work Monday and Tuesday, I can’t believe it’s Friday night already. We were very late up this morning though, which means today has flown by… still, we’ve got a nice meal out to look forward to and more importantly Mistress has just enjoyed another orgasm on my tongue. ๐Ÿ™‚

Last night I was so fucking horny it was unbelievable. I mean, you’d think that being allowed to cum would have reset my horny level to nought wouldn’t you… but it doesn’t seem to work like that anymore. Last night when Mistress came to bed I wanted to cum so bad, my cock was throbbing like crazy but no matter how passionately I kissed her she wouldn’t give my cock more than a fleeting touch… then she turned over, reached behind her and guided my poor throbbing cock towards her ass. It was absolute torture. I stood it for a short while and then had to turn over myself and try to get to sleep.

Being allowed to look at Mistress’s gorgeous asshole while I was fucking her yesterday has made me want to lick her ass so badly. I really hoped she would sit on my face today and have me lick her beautiful ass, but she didn’t. She did tease me beautifully though, and left me rock hard and aching. Hard to believe a man can ache so much after 1 day without cumming…

I put a new picture of Mistress in my wallet today, the old picture had been in there a long time and was a bit worn out and creased. I chose a black and white one this time, it was taken in our first photo session in 2008 (I think), the old photo was a whole body shot of Mistress in her awesome PVC basque (which has sadly departed in the meantime), but this time I chose a different picture from the same session. This one is basically just a head and shoulders shot, but it’s clear Mistress is not fully dressed. She looks so beautiful in this picture, and even better in real life. I can’t imagine ever being without her.

The end of a drought…

As you’ve probably noticed I really haven’t had much to post about of late, until today Mistress hadn’t cum since last Wednesday and we seem to have been so busy what with one thing and another. Finally today we managed to get ourselves into bed in the afternoon and brought the drought to a close.

Mistress had trimmed her pussy and looked very sexy today… she stroked my cock a little as we kissed (I was kneeling between her legs) smiling as I impatiently thrust against her hand. Then as I moved down between her legs she slid her fingers between her thighs and started playing with her pussy. That was so fucking hot, I love to watch Mistress touch herself like that and my cock was throbbing like mad. She had me lick her fingers clean and then proceeded to touch herself again. I fucking loved it. After Mistress had me clean her fingers a second or third time she let me settle onto my front between her gorgeous thighs and as I gently licked her pussy I ground my cock into the mattress in utter frustration.

It took several minutes for my cock to settle down, and a while longer before I managed to bring Mistress to a climax. Eight days feels like forever and I felt so happy when Mistress suddenly bucked against my tongue. ๐Ÿ™‚

Almost immediately Mistress reached down and pulled me up between her legs again and started stroking my half hard cock. We kissed again as she got me hard and then she fed my length into her wet pussy. Unlike last time I felt a bit more in control, and managed to hold back quite well. At first I had Mistress’s legs up in the air and I kissed the soles of her beautiful feet as I slid in and out of her, and then Mistress opened her legs and I moved forward so that we could kiss as I fucked her. Mistress asked me ‘if I like being inside her when she’s just cum, my cock getting coated and totally soaked in her pussy juices’…

After a while Mistress asked if I wanted her to turn over so that I could see her ass. To be honest I was just starting to feel like I was losing the battle to hold back, but even though I knew it would make it harder I said yes. Mistress was quickly on her side and I parted her cheeks so that I could gaze at her gorgeous asshole as I fucked her pussy. I could only look for a few seconds at a time before I had to look away, as it just made me want to cum.

Eventually I told Mistress that I was getting close and she told me that she wanted me to cum inside her. I quickly sped up and started fucking her hard and fast, it felt fucking amazing being inside her wonderful, wet pussy and it wasn’t long before I was filling her up with 20 days of cum.

Afterwards Mistress knelt on the bed and I lay on my back and slid underneath her, licking her pussy clean while she milked a few drops of cum from my cock. What an awesome way to spend a wet Thursday afternoon. ๐Ÿ™‚

Saturday afternoon…

Last night I surprised Mistress R with a candlelit dinner at home, but before that we spent a lovely hour in bed together. After spending a while between Mistress’s gorgeous thighs and being rewarded by the sensation of feeling cumming hard against my tongue, I moved down the bed to kiss and suck on Mistress’s beautiful feet and toes.

Once Mistress had recovered she had me lay next to her so that she could start stroking my cock, which was quickly hard, and then I felt the warmth of her mouth closing around my cock. Mistress sucked, slapped and jerked me for a while, before straddling me… initially I thought she was going to simply sink down on my hard cock, but instead she positioned herself over my face so that I could lick her still soaking wet pussy.

She tasted soooo delicious, but then after a few seconds she moved back down my body and slid herself onto my throbbing cock. As ever Mistress was wearing her bra and I had to ask her to remove it, which she did, exposing her gorgeous breasts and really hard nipples (so fucking sexy!). Mistress bent forward and had me suck on them as she rode my cock, but all too soon the bra was back ๐Ÿ™ and then before I knew it Mistress was sliding up my body and my tongue was inside her pussy again, now tasting of my cock as well as her own juices, while my slippery cock twitched behind her.

Mistress moved back beside me and stroked my cock a little more, before leaving me throbbing and desperate once again. After a little begging Mistress stroked me a few more times, and then allowed me to taste her perfect pussy one last time. ๐Ÿ™‚

Saturday afternoons don’t get much better than that.

My Cock Keeps Getting Bigger…

If only… no, it’s just, every time I see one of these magazine articles about penis size, the average size seems to get smaller. I read one today in Mistress R’s magazine (a mainstream magazine) which said the average penis is 5.7″ long. Well I always thought the average was actually 6″. So now instead of being a smidgeon belowย ‘average’, I am now ever so slightly ‘above average’, which is awesome. ๐Ÿ™‚

The rest of the article focuses on two guys, one with a 9″ cock who has no end of trouble with women because he struggles to have sex without hurting them, and a guy with a 4″ dick who has a great personality and great oral technique who’s bedded 50+.

So there you go… all is not lost if you are not phallically blessed.