Context is everything…

Currently Mistress and I are watching ‘Ink Master: The Rivals’ on a Friday night. On the show there’s a woman called ‘Emily’ who is, not to put too fine a point on it, a complete bitch (and rather proud of it).


I noticed this week that she was wearing a necklace which appeared to have a key on it, which got me wondering… was that key maybe for a chastity device? She calls herself ‘The InkMistress’, I wonder if there is more to that than just a play on words?

The funny thing is, she spends her whole time acting like a ‘domme’ (or rather what one might think of as almost a cliche of one) which you’d think would appeal to a subby type like me… but without a sexual ‘context’ she just comes off as a massive arsehole.

Now, I get that she’s on a TV show, she may be playing it ever so slightly OTT (for whatever reason), maybe if she is some sort of ‘Mistress’ she thinks this would be good exposure for her… so you really have to take it all with a pinch of salt.

The thing is, it doesn’t do her any favours, or ‘us’ either. And by ‘us’ I mean we submissive men! Because we project this generic image of the ideal ‘Fem-Domme’ and the way we want her to behave and the language and tone we would like her to use, but here we have pretty much that ‘character’ and it doesn’t come across as attractive at all, simply because it lacks the correct context. Which must be confusing for some women whose partner’s are submissive and who say they find ‘dominant’ women attractive.

I’m sure there are men who find her attractive, one look at her facebook page and that becomes fairly clear, but personally I wouldn’t want to be around someone who carried on like that all the time, or for whom that was ‘normal’ behaviour. It’s okay to be like that with someone who you are in a relationship with and with whom there is an ‘understanding’ but to be like that all the time…

For one thing it would be incredibly tiring after a while… but for a woman to be able to ‘slip into’ that role and adopt that level of attitude and self-confidence at will would be a whole different ball game. If she was to stride into a room and say something like ‘I don’t care what you’re doing, I want your tongue in my ass right now’, I for one would be on my knees quicker than you can say ‘Yes Mistress’.

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