Saturday afternoon…

Last night I surprised Mistress R with a candlelit dinner at home, but before that we spent a lovely hour in bed together. After spending a while between Mistress’s gorgeous thighs and being rewarded by the sensation of feeling cumming hard against my tongue, I moved down the bed to kiss and suck on Mistress’s beautiful feet and toes.

Once Mistress had recovered she had me lay next to her so that she could start stroking my cock, which was quickly hard, and then I felt the warmth of her mouth closing around my cock. Mistress sucked, slapped and jerked me for a while, before straddling me… initially I thought she was going to simply sink down on my hard cock, but instead she positioned herself over my face so that I could lick her still soaking wet pussy.

She tasted soooo delicious, but then after a few seconds she moved back down my body and slid herself onto my throbbing cock. As ever Mistress was wearing her bra and I had to ask her to remove it, which she did, exposing her gorgeous breasts and really hard nipples (so fucking sexy!). Mistress bent forward and had me suck on them as she rode my cock, but all too soon the bra was back 🙁 and then before I knew it Mistress was sliding up my body and my tongue was inside her pussy again, now tasting of my cock as well as her own juices, while my slippery cock twitched behind her.

Mistress moved back beside me and stroked my cock a little more, before leaving me throbbing and desperate once again. After a little begging Mistress stroked me a few more times, and then allowed me to taste her perfect pussy one last time. 🙂

Saturday afternoons don’t get much better than that.

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