The end of a drought…

As you’ve probably noticed I really haven’t had much to post about of late, until today Mistress hadn’t cum since last Wednesday and we seem to have been so busy what with one thing and another. Finally today we managed to get ourselves into bed in the afternoon and brought the drought to a close.

Mistress had trimmed her pussy and looked very sexy today… she stroked my cock a little as we kissed (I was kneeling between her legs) smiling as I impatiently thrust against her hand. Then as I moved down between her legs she slid her fingers between her thighs and started playing with her pussy. That was so fucking hot, I love to watch Mistress touch herself like that and my cock was throbbing like mad. She had me lick her fingers clean and then proceeded to touch herself again. I fucking loved it. After Mistress had me clean her fingers a second or third time she let me settle onto my front between her gorgeous thighs and as I gently licked her pussy I ground my cock into the mattress in utter frustration.

It took several minutes for my cock to settle down, and a while longer before I managed to bring Mistress to a climax. Eight days feels like forever and I felt so happy when Mistress suddenly bucked against my tongue. πŸ™‚

Almost immediately Mistress reached down and pulled me up between her legs again and started stroking my half hard cock. We kissed again as she got me hard and then she fed my length into her wet pussy. Unlike last time I felt a bit more in control, and managed to hold back quite well. At first I had Mistress’s legs up in the air and I kissed the soles of her beautiful feet as I slid in and out of her, and then Mistress opened her legs and I moved forward so that we could kiss as I fucked her. Mistress asked me ‘if I like being inside her when she’s just cum, my cock getting coated and totally soaked in her pussy juices’…

After a while Mistress asked if I wanted her to turn over so that I could see her ass. To be honest I was just starting to feel like I was losing the battle to hold back, but even though I knew it would make it harder I said yes. Mistress was quickly on her side and I parted her cheeks so that I could gaze at her gorgeous asshole as I fucked her pussy. I could only look for a few seconds at a time before I had to look away, as it just made me want to cum.

Eventually I told Mistress that I was getting close and she told me that she wanted me to cum inside her. I quickly sped up and started fucking her hard and fast, it felt fucking amazing being inside her wonderful, wet pussy and it wasn’t long before I was filling her up with 20 days of cum.

Afterwards Mistress knelt on the bed and I lay on my back and slid underneath her, licking her pussy clean while she milked a few drops of cum from my cock. What an awesome way to spend a wet Thursday afternoon. πŸ™‚

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