A little holiday…

Mistress and I are on a little holiday this week, well I guess we were as it’s just finished! Mistress was off the whole week but I had to work Monday and Tuesday, I can’t believe it’s Friday night already. We were very late up this morning though, which means today has flown by… still, we’ve got a nice meal out to look forward to and more importantly Mistress has just enjoyed another orgasm on my tongue. 🙂

Last night I was so fucking horny it was unbelievable. I mean, you’d think that being allowed to cum would have reset my horny level to nought wouldn’t you… but it doesn’t seem to work like that anymore. Last night when Mistress came to bed I wanted to cum so bad, my cock was throbbing like crazy but no matter how passionately I kissed her she wouldn’t give my cock more than a fleeting touch… then she turned over, reached behind her and guided my poor throbbing cock towards her ass. It was absolute torture. I stood it for a short while and then had to turn over myself and try to get to sleep.

Being allowed to look at Mistress’s gorgeous asshole while I was fucking her yesterday has made me want to lick her ass so badly. I really hoped she would sit on my face today and have me lick her beautiful ass, but she didn’t. She did tease me beautifully though, and left me rock hard and aching. Hard to believe a man can ache so much after 1 day without cumming…

I put a new picture of Mistress in my wallet today, the old picture had been in there a long time and was a bit worn out and creased. I chose a black and white one this time, it was taken in our first photo session in 2008 (I think), the old photo was a whole body shot of Mistress in her awesome PVC basque (which has sadly departed in the meantime), but this time I chose a different picture from the same session. This one is basically just a head and shoulders shot, but it’s clear Mistress is not fully dressed. She looks so beautiful in this picture, and even better in real life. I can’t imagine ever being without her.

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