On a roll…

Well after our little drought, now it’s three orgasms in three days for Mistress R! After she came on my tongue, Mistress started sucking my cock and then after stroking me almost to the edge she straddled me and slid my cock inside her. Mistress was wearing a new bra, which while obscuring her gorgeous breasts, did look rather nice. It’s kinda see through, which is good, obviously!

However, to be honest, the last thing I needed to see right now was Mistress’s hard nipples, as I was already trying to stave off the edge. Thankfully as things progressed I managed to regain my composure a little bit and then Mistress lifted herself off and turned around, standing over me and asking me if I wanted to be allowed to worship her ass.

Mistress let me lick her gorgeous asshole three times, each time I had to beg, and each time she stroked my cock hard while I tongued her sweet hole. The last time was the best as I felt my tongue push a little deeper and probe her ass as she stroked me hard and fast.

It was all over far too quickly, and then Mistress gave my cock a few more slaps before calling a halt and leaving me throbbing (again). I begged for a few more strokes and Mistress kindly gave me about another seven or eight tight, slow strokes which felt fucking great!

We seem to be on a roll now, let’s hope we can do it again tomorrow. That would be awesome. 🙂

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