I have a cold at the moment, which is no fun. Not so much a cold as a cough, but equally not fun. After our three day run the other day things have gone the other way, but then who wants a man coughing into their pussy? So, there is little to report on that score.

I’m terribly bored of tumblr. Kind of wish I never started it. In fact it takes so flipping long to look through what other people have posted (and I only follow about 7 people) to maybe find one picture I want to repost, I mean is it worth it? I don’t really think it is.

I got rid of my scales last week, I figured I’ve been weighing myself pretty much every day for fifteen years and it hasn’t done me any good at all, so why not just stop. I know that many people say scales are useless anyway because your weight can fluctuate massively and I found this to be the case last weekend. I supposedly gained seven pounds in two days, which is utter bollocks. I would have had to eat 40,000 calories to do that (I didn’t – honest), so that was the final straw really.

I’m in one of those periods where I can’t seem to get anything done. It’s frustrating, I get ideas for stories and then weeks go by and nothing is written. The ideas get forgotten, I have some written down somewhere but I can’t remember where. That’s helpful!

Oh what a depressing post this is…. how about something festive to cheer ourselves up! 🙂



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