You know that feeling when it’s SO HARD!

Well after my moany post earlier, I’m happy to report that a couple of hours ago Mistress R had a lovely big orgasm on my tongue, and I didn’t cough once! 🙂

Afterwards Mistress set about teasing my poor cock and teased, stroked and slapped my cock and balls so well…. my cock was so hard, when she slapped it there was just no give in it at all, it was awesome. I wish it was that hard all the time… or maybe not ‘all’ the time, that would be impractical. 🙂 But you know what I mean.

As Mistress was bringing me closer and closer to the edge I was fantasizing about being allowed to cum on her gorgeous ass and licking it up. Near the end Mistress moved up the bed to kiss me and I told her how much I wanted to lick my cum off her body. She said ‘Maybe you’ll be allowed to soon…’. I really hope so.

After calling a halt I was cuddling her with my rock hard cock squeezed against her and my finger tips gently teasing her ass. I decided to try my luck and begged to be allowed to worship her ass. I didn’t expect her to touch my cock again as she’d already told me my teasing was over, I just really wanted to lick her beautiful ass, but Mistress was kind enough to stroke my aching cock as she allowed me to (briefly) worship her ass.

I’d really love for Mistress to start thinking about ass worship in the same way she thinks about foot worship, in that it doesn’t have to be part of ‘sex’, but it can be a way for me to show my devotion to her whenever she wants me to. I doubt it would become a daily occurrence like foot worship has, but it would be nice sometimes to do it unexpectedly, like before we go to sleep…

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