Where can I find a wife like yours?

Joe left a comment on my August 15th Femdom Session post asking ‘Where can I find a wife like yours, you are both incredibly lucky?’

Well Joe, the answer to that is of course ‘I don’t know’.

But my guess is that you will be naturally drawn to women with slightly dominant personalities, as was I, even before I really knew I wanted to be submissive. But basically in my case it was down to luck and a lot of hard work and most importantly of all patience.

My first piece of advice would be perhaps to think about your own attitude. I don’t see many men living my lifestyle who spend every night out with the boys, most of them in fact seem to spend as much time as possible with their wives. Most of them seem to be in relationships with women who they want to spend their time with, and who they view as their best friend.

If you think about it, when you finally spring the surprise (no matter how gently or gradually, depending on how far you want to go) your partner’s first reaction is probably going to be to pull back. As in, ‘Oh shit, what the hell…. I thought I knew this person’. The question will be, whether their next response is to move on to someone else or if they value you enough to ‘try it’.

If you can get them to ‘try it’, and you don’t fuck it up by starting off asking her to ‘piss in your mouth…’, chances are you’ll be okay. But this is where the ‘patience’ element comes in, don’t expect to be locked in chastity, whipped, paddled and butt-fucked within the first couple of months.

Not saying it’s impossible, but you’ll be very lucky if you find a woman who genuinely drives the situation. For most of us it’s a case of slow and steady, tempering your expectations, reassurance and being genuine.

I’d be interested to hear from any of my readers how they ‘broached’ the subject with their partners and how things progressed.

Thank you to all my readers…

December is heading for being a new record month for the blog, and 250,000* views is on the cards before New Year. Thanks to everyone who visits my blog(s), reads my posts and stories, and of course extra special thanks to those who comment (either publicly or privately), it is muchly appreciated.

I’m not a big fan of this time of year, I think I associate it too much with starting yet another diet (and usually failing) and this year will be no different, except hopefully I won’t be failing! I have a good plan in place, I just need to stick at it. Good luck to anyone else in the same position, let’s make this the last time and make next Christmas a happier holiday.

*My old blog (now Robert Anthony’s Erotic Fiction Blog) has just hit 2,500,000 views as well! 🙂


We’ve all heard of ‘Gaydar’ of course, but I wonder if there is such a thing as ‘Domme-dar’?

At our local theatre there is a woman who often gets to play ‘dominant’ characters, in particular I recently saw her in a production of ‘Blithe Spirit’ and she came across as very attractive (to a subbie like me). Now, obviously she gets to play ‘dominant’ characters… but that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s like that in real life.

However, apparently (I now find out) she is a known cuckoldress, and openly so… which makes me wonder whether her apparent demeanour is all acting or whether there’s more to it than that (after all, she could be totally different off stage). It could simply be that she has a lover and doesn’t care who knows, that in itself doesn’t make her kinky… but what if there’s more to it that that?

What a waste if there isn’t, I’m sure she’d make an excellent Domme. 🙂

Femdom Session: 27th December 2015…

Planning a session around Christmas is always risky, since there’s always a better than even chance that one or both of us will be too stuffed / tired / hungover / etc… or that we’ll catch colds. And as expected we were slightly hesitant this time too, but we decided to go for it, and we’re so glad we did because it was awesome!

Mistress left me to choose how to start the session, although she insisted on a blindfold and the regulation wrist and ankle cuffs (of course). I was undecided between the ring-ended glass butt plug/dildo and the larger rubber butt plug. In any case I needed to start with the former and after a minute or so it was already becoming a bit loose (even with the tiniest amount of lube it always seems to fall out, I think it’s better used as a butt ‘dildo’ really) so at the very last minute I decided to switch to the rubber plug.

I was rushing a bit but it went in easy enough, albeit the base was a bit uncomfortable pressed between my cheeks. But this wore off after a couple of minutes as my attention was drawn by the sensation of my backside being whipped and paddled. Just two foot worships missed since the last session, so not too much punishment this time, and Mistress was very pleased that I had no touching infractions to report.

The other choice I made was to wear the Oxballs Ballstretcher (as opposed to the Oxballs Cocksling). This hasn’t had much use and it’s a little tricky to get on, especially when your balls are as ‘high-riding’ as mine are! It certainly works though and leaves your balls very tightly stretched, which Mistress R commented on during the session.

When you first put it on it’s a little uncomfortable, but again you soon get used to it and it feels great once you get hard. As always though, after about thirty minutes it feels good to get it off. But that was a long way off, for now I was kneeling at the bottom of the bed worshipping Mistress’s gorgeous feet while she played with her glass dildo. Blindfolded as I was I could only listen intently as Mistress kept me informed of exactly what she was doing and eventually I could hear the dildo sliding in and out of her wet pussy.

Satisfied with my foot worship, and having had me suck the dildo a couple of times for her, Mistress tied me to the bed and straddled my face, allowing me to taste her pussy properly for the first time.

Soon Mistress pulled off the blindfold and stood over me, allowing me to look up at her gorgeous form. Unlike last time Mistress was wearing a simple black bra and her PVC skirt (and of course her key pendant that she always wears during our sessions). She looked amazing with her gorgeous red lips and wearing a huge smile, obviously enjoying herself, as was I of course! 🙂

Mistress allowed me to watch her fucking herself with her dildo for a little while, before having me suck it clean for her. She did this a couple of times and then straddled my face again. If there’s one thing I love it’s having Mistress’s gorgeous pussy right over my face, it’s so fucking HOT!

Mistress moved off me and then got me properly hard, she coated my cock with lube (essential with the ball stretcher really) and then started stroking and slapping it, before sinking down on it and riding me ‘like a dildo, for her pleasure’ (as she pointed out). It was while riding my cock that Mistress asked how I was enjoying the butt plug in my ass, which, to be perfectly honest I had completely forgotten about it was so comfortable. Mistress alternated between slapping, stroking and riding my cock for a while before standing over me, facing away and exposing her asshole to me.

I really do love this, being tied down and looking up, her gorgeous legs rising up from either side of me, and meeting above me, her beautiful pussy already looking a little stretched and wet, while she uses her hand to open her cheeks and allow me a glimpse of her tight pink asshole. I would love to kiss my way up those awesome legs until I was sitting up against the headboard and then have Mistress press back into my face, my tongue pressed deeply into her ass while she strokes my cock.

Alas, I was tied to the bed, and could only look on, hopefully. Mistress applied more lube to my cock and stroked it hard and fast, before scratching it with the teeth of a hairbrush. It doesn’t really hurt at all, in fact it’s a bit ineffective, having tiny balls on the ends of each tooth, maybe I should look for a better one.

Soon Mistress attached pegs to my nipples (something I pondered starting the session with, but decided against) and left me alone briefly before returning and untying me. By now I was ready to get the Oxballs off as it was starting to sting a little, by contrast I could have left the butt plug in indefinitely. But Mistress told me to remove that too and then told me to get on my hands and knees.

As I did this I could hear Mistress sliding the Rodeo pants on and then felt her applying some lube to my ass. She climbed on the bed behind me and slid her ‘cock’ into my ass. I have to say the rubber butt plug makes such a difference, the initial slight discomfort was over much quicker than usual and after a minute or so I was pushing back against Mistress, wanting her to fuck me harder.

Mistress stopped a few times, with her cock buried as deep as it would go while she stroked my cock. The first couple of times she did it my cock was fairly soft (as usually happens when she fucks me) but by the third and fourth time I had relaxed and was really enjoying being fucked and my cock was getting quite hard (which is pretty unusual for me). Even though Mistress fucked me for longer than she usually does, I would have loved it to go on for longer, it felt great and I think we definitely need to use the rubber butt plug more. I don’t think I was desperate enough this time, but if I had been denied for a lot longer it would have been awesome to see if Mistress could have fucked me until I ruined on the PVC sheet. (There you go SubHub, you can have that as my fantasy for today) 🙂

Of course, while I was slightly disappointed when Mistress pulled out of my ass and left me empty, I knew that my next task would be to lick Mistress to orgasm, and (as always) I was very much looking forward to doing that. Mistress settled back on the bed and I settled between her beautiful, silky smooth thighs, her pussy already wet and delicious. Mistress came pretty hard again, which made me very happy indeed, and then she stood on the bed and ordered me to lick her thighs, ass and pussy clean. I eagerly licked up every drop from her skin before cleaning the PVC sheet and laying on my back again as instructed.

Mistress secured my arms to the bed and then stood over me again, teasing me with her perfect ass. She started stroking my cock while I begged to be allowed to worship her asshole, and soon I had made my tongue buried between her cheeks. I hadn’t really thought about whether Mistress would let me cum, I was tending towards no, but had an odd feeling that she might….

After a couple of periods of ass licking, Mistress told me that she had decided to let me cum and that she wanted me to cum with my tongue in her ass, but that once I told her I was close I would have to cum by the time she counted to ten. She told me to tell her when I was close (which took a surprisingly long time given everything that had happened up to now) and then she sank down and I buried my tongue in her sweet asshole as she pumped my cock hard. It was very intense and felt my body convulsing on the bed as she drained my balls.

As she pumped my cum out over her fingers I heard her counting backwards from ten down to one, whereupon she released my poor sensitive cock and turned round to feed me the cum that was sprayed over her hands. She then collected some more cum from the tip of my cock and fed me that as well.

All in all, it was pretty awesome. I just can’t get over how good it felt being fucked and how hard my cock got while Mistress was doing it. I hope I don’t have to wait too long for that to happen again, and again I can’t believe how quickly the rubber butt-plug felt totally comfortable. 🙂

The race is on…

Mistress and I had a Femdom session today (which I will be posting about later), but I’ve just noticed that Mistress is now on 571 orgasms to my 95. I really thought it was going to be a dead cert that Mistress would get to 600 before I would get my first 100 on the board, but now I’m not so sure.

More alarmingly, while I have already had as many orgasms as I had last year (counting from April-March), Mistress is way down. We really are going to have to try much harder as now both seem to be going the wrong way. I know it’s up to Mistress how often I cum, and I can live with that, but I certainly don’t want to see Mistress’s tally dropping.

Sub Hub wants to know…

I’m sure many of you are familiar with Sub Hub in Phoenix’s blog (and if not you should be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves!), well a couple of days ago he asked for his readers to share with him the details of your most desirable sexual adventure.

To read the responses or to post your own response click HERE

So close…

Another lovely orgasm for Mistress on my tongue tonight… she tasted gorgeous and she looked amazing with her pussy hair trimmed right back. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Afterwards Mistress sucked and stroked me, getting me very close to the edge before unexpectedly climbing up over me and sinking herself down on my throbbing cock. I remained perfectly still, no possibility of thrusting up the way I was feeling. Still Mistress started sliding up and down my cock as my fingers gently closed around her left breast.

Well, this was a cert. She was going to let me cum inside her, it was just a matter of how long I could hold back. Surely…

Well, no. As soon as I said ‘I’m getting close’, Mistress smiled and lifted herself off before laying down beside me.

“I’m going to make you wait a little longer…” was all she said, and then she laughed again as I grabbed her and humped my poor denied cock against her smooth skin.

Mistress has now had exactly 6 orgasms for each one I have had since April 1st.

I love my Mistress so much…

December has been one of those months, long periods of inactivity, punctuated by short bursts of really rather awesome sex. And so it was tonight.

Six days had passed without an orgasm for Mistress, but thankfully that was remedied and she enjoyed a really, really good one. It’s funny how making my beautiful Mistress cum acts like a stress reliever for me… I feel much happier tonight than I have all week. 🙂

Mistress teased me beautifully and left my cock so hard and throbbing, getting me so close with fast strokes and then slowing down just as I was about to edge, it’s so fucking frustrating! And then she laughed at me as I tried to ‘sneakily’ rub my poor denied cock against her as she cuddled me after… I love my Mistress so much!

Last Minute Christmas Present Idea….

But only if you have $696,000 burning a hole in your pocket…

Richard Mille RM 69 Erotic Tourbillon 1

Richard Mille makes VERY EXPENSIVE timepieces, most of which are very cool (like the $1,600,000 one with the case made of sapphire glass so you can see the entire movement from every angle), but this one, the RM69 Tourbillon may be a bit tacky. If you do fancy it and you’ve got the cash you better hurry up because there’s only 30 pieces available.

More info available HERE