Catching up…

Time is flying by, and already it’s five days since my last post. But at the same time I really dislike this time of year, it’s nearly Christmas (which means ten days off work for me) but actually it’s not, it’s still over a week away. So we’re in that limbo where you’re mentally switching off, but you’ve still got to keep getting up and going to work.

It’s also going to be a busy week for me, with a police speed awareness course to attend (they finally caught me after 25 years), a visit to my chiropractor and a hospital appointment to fit in before Christmas Eve. Add to this that my laptop seems to be going completely mental and to be honest I’m not in the very best of spirits.

Still, at least I got to cum at the weekend, which of course was lovely! On Friday I went down on my gorgeous Mistress and made her cum, but I had a stomach ache afterwards so my teasing was put off until Saturday. I wasn’t expecting anything more than some stroking, but after a while Mistress mounted my face and ordered ‘tongue out’.

Mistress was already quite wet and she tasted delicious. She sank down on my cock and started riding me, but still I wasn’t anticipating being allowed to cum. She rode me for some time and then lifted of and knelt beside me stroking me hard and fast almost like she was trying to edge me or make me cum.

Then she stopped and told me to get up. My first thought was that she was going to have me jerk off over her gorgeous feet, but this proved to be wide of the mark. Instead she pulled me between her legs and inside her. After a few strokes she turned onto her side and invited me to enjoy looking at her ass as I fucked her.

Well I didn’t really, because I was getting close as it was and the last thing I needed was the sight of Mistress’s sexy asshole pushing me closer to the edge! Before long I had to warn her and Mistress smiled and told me to cum inside her. It was very intense and as soon as started to cum I was unable to move because the sensation was so strong. Mistress pushed herself back on me though until I collapsed over her.

After a few seconds I pulled out and Mistress knelt on the bed as I slid under her to lick her beautiful pussy clean. As is often the case when I cum in her like that, there really wasn’t much cum to swallow, but I got what I could.

Fast forward to today and it was another lovely orgasm for Mistress and some hot teasing for me. I always find the first week after being allowed to cum a bit strange, because you basically know that you aren’t going to be allowed to cum. Despite that Mistress stroked and sucked me beautifully and left my cock very hard and frustrated. Just as it should be.

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