When did it become not just okay, but actually ‘cool’ to have a beard? I guess if you have a stupid face like Mathew Mahogany then anything you can do to cover it up has to be an improvement…

Well I certainly won’t be growing one. First of all, Mistress hates beards, and second of all, I grew up believing that people with beards are untrustworthy, and I think that’s probably, absolutely correct!

8 thoughts on “Beards?

  1. It became OK to have a beard during the Vietnam war because of, you know, the establishment. Since then beards have come in and gone out of fashion multiple times. One thing to remember: beards are natural. Shaving needs justification not a beard. – Trimmed

  2. Hey, Rob… Untrustworthy?? Fuck you! πŸ™‚

    I’m as trustworthy as all get out, and I’ve had a fur face for more than four decades. I’m working on the ZZ Top look at the moment…

  3. And how did you grow up believing that people with beards are untrustworthy? Was it your parents? They seemed so nice otherwise…

  4. Hi Harry πŸ™‚
    I don’t know where that came from, my old boss said he never employed anyone with a beard, because they were always hiding behind their beard, they had something to hide!
    Seems logical.
    I feel I have to make a distinction between life-long beard wearers and fashion following tossers. And how come suddenly women like men with beards? When the fuck did that happen?
    As someone once told me, his wife told him he had to shave because she didn’t like getting a rash down the inside of her thighs….

    • You have to have a long beard to hide yourself or anything else behind it. Mine is trimmed that you can see the skin below – a corporate beard so to say.

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