I love my Mistress so much…

December has been one of those months, long periods of inactivity, punctuated by short bursts of really rather awesome sex. And so it was tonight.

Six days had passed without an orgasm for Mistress, but thankfully that was remedied and she enjoyed a really, really good one. It’s funny how making my beautiful Mistress cum acts like a stress reliever for me… I feel much happier tonight than I have all week. 🙂

Mistress teased me beautifully and left my cock so hard and throbbing, getting me so close with fast strokes and then slowing down just as I was about to edge, it’s so fucking frustrating! And then she laughed at me as I tried to ‘sneakily’ rub my poor denied cock against her as she cuddled me after… I love my Mistress so much!

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