So close…

Another lovely orgasm for Mistress on my tongue tonight… she tasted gorgeous and she looked amazing with her pussy hair trimmed right back. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Afterwards Mistress sucked and stroked me, getting me very close to the edge before unexpectedly climbing up over me and sinking herself down on my throbbing cock. I remained perfectly still, no possibility of thrusting up the way I was feeling. Still Mistress started sliding up and down my cock as my fingers gently closed around her left breast.

Well, this was a cert. She was going to let me cum inside her, it was just a matter of how long I could hold back. Surely…

Well, no. As soon as I said ‘I’m getting close’, Mistress smiled and lifted herself off before laying down beside me.

“I’m going to make you wait a little longer…” was all she said, and then she laughed again as I grabbed her and humped my poor denied cock against her smooth skin.

Mistress has now had exactly 6 orgasms for each one I have had since April 1st.

5 thoughts on “So close…

  1. What an awesome little story. There are so few many people that can understand and appreciate the absolutely delicious agony of that moment when your Mistress has decided there will be no orgasm. Just wonderful!

    Merry Christams my friend!

  2. Hi SubHub
    Yes, and it’s all the stranger when you are sure you are going to get one! 🙂
    Merry Christmas to you and your lovely Mistress.
    Robert A

  3. A new year is almost upon us, Mistress R, and it’s an opportunity to start extending Rob’s periods of denial… How does three orgasms for him in 2016 sound to you? He’ll be falling all over himself, even more than usual, to make sure that you are well served, when he hasn’t had come for three or four months…

    Best wishes to you both for a Happy New Year


    • Hi Harry,
      Well personally I can’t really see Mistress R going for that somehow… although I would certainly be happy with a lot less proper orgasms and a LOT more ruined ones.
      Happy New Year to you Harry. Loved your tumblr post about Iceland by the way…

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