An orgasm free January…

It doesn’t happen very often… or perhaps I should say, so far it hasn’t happened very often, but January 2016 has rather unexpectedly turned out to be my third orgasm free month since we started full time chastity in April 2011. The last one was August 2014, and before that it was May 2012. This should help keep my total for the year down a bit as Mistress has been rather generous compared to last year, in contrast, her total is heading for a new low, which is somewhat disappointing it must be said.

I’d like to think that my next orgasm free month will arrive a lot sooner than before, hopefully Mistress will really start to embrace ruined orgasms this year (I would be quite happy to cum a lot more if they were ruined) so she can drain my balls but keep me horny and desperate for much longer than before. 🙂

Why I love ruined orgasms…

After last night’s ruined orgasm, Mistress and I watched some TV and then as I had to get up for work in the morning I went to bed. I sort of dozed a bit and was aware of my cock getting hard again. It got harder and harder to the point that I seriously considered going downstairs and asking Mistress for permission to stroke. Just as I was thinking about this I heard Mistress coming up the stairs and going into the bathroom.

By the time she got into bed I had dozed off again and then I woke up as she pulled the covers back. I slid my arms around her and felt my cock slowly hardening against her stomach while we kissed. Ignoring my cock, Mistress turned over and snuggled against me, my cock squashed between our bodies.

I asked her if I could touch my cock and she said that I could ‘for a short time’. I was so hard and so close to cumming again, Mistress could have made me cum in well under a minute if she had wanted to. Needless to say, when I finished stroking my cock (very carefully it must be said!) it was even worse.

This perfectly illustrates why I love it when Mistress ruins my orgasms. If Mistress had allowed me to cum properly, none of this would have happened. I would have been drained and probably wouldn’t have got hard again until the next day. Despite what some people claim, I don’t really find ruined orgasms ‘painful’ at all. They are frustrating of course, feeling your cock getting harder and harder, preparing to expel the cum from your balls is a wonderful feeling… it builds and builds, so close and then… nothing. Just the sight of your cum slowly leaking from the head of your cock. And perhaps the taste of it as your Mistress feeds it to you from her fingers.

That’s something I miss when I’m not allowed to cum for long periods, because now I always have to swallow my cum when I am allowed to cum, I associate the taste with pleasure, so the hornier I get the more I literally crave the taste.

Of course there’s also the psychological side, the ‘power’ exchange, that Mistress gets to take me right to the edge as many times, and ultimately over it, but still denies me and keeps me aching for her.

And that of course is the best thing of all about ruined orgasms, that you don’t lose that horniness, the ache, the overpowering desire to cum… we all know how much it sucks to lose that feeling for the sake of a few seconds of intense pleasure. Of course, in the moment, right on the edge, when every fibre of your being is focused on cumming hard, barely any man would chose to be ruined, but deep down that’s what he’ll wish had happened afterwards.

Honestly, laying with Mistress last night, my cock throbbing against her gorgeous ass, aching for her to touch my cock and tease me again and of course knowing that she was satisfied, was about as close to perfect as I can imagine. 🙂


An unexpected ruining…

It’s been thirty two days since I was last allowed to cum, the end of last year in fact. It occurred to me today that since Mistress didn’t allow me to cum during our recent Femdom session, it could happen any day soon, since it seems unlikely (though not impossible) that she will wait until our next session.

It had been a week since Mistress had cum, mainly due to the rather sudden arrival of her period a couple of days after our session. As I moved between her legs my cock was achingly hard and it stayed that way for a good five minutes or so as I licked her delicious pussy. By the time Mistress had come however, it had softened somewhat. But that didn’t last long once Mistress closed her lips around it and it was soon once again desperately hard and aching to cum.

Mistress allowed me to gently stroke her asshole with my fingertips as she continued sucking and stroking my cock, I really badly wanted to ask her if I could lick her ass, but I was getting so close, I knew I would get too close too quickly and decided to wait and ask another day. Mistress kept stroking my cock really fast and then stopping just as I was getting to the edge. Then she would gently suck my cock until I calmed down slightly before repeating the process again.

Finally she moved up the bed to kiss me and stroked really hard and fast. I warned her that I was getting close but she didn’t let up. I warned her again and she told me that I had permission to cum. It never even entered my head that she would ruin it, but as soon as I started to cum Mistress let go and just traced her fingertips down my cock as we both watched my cum leaking from the tip of my cock.

After a while Mistress ran her finger up my still hard cock and collected some of my cum on her finger before offering it to my mouth. After I licked it clean and swallowed my cum she collected some more from the base of my cock and had me swallow that too. I love it when Mistress ruins my orgasm like that, I hope eventually she will feel more confident about doing it and less concerned about asking if it was ‘okay’. And then maybe she will ruin me more often and let me cum properly less often too. 🙂


Go visit Sub Hub in Phoenix (not literally)…

Once again I feel compelled to point you in the direction of SubHub’s fantastic blog (HERE) to read his latest post. Easily one of my top three favourite blogs, SubHub once again relates another experience from his blessed life with Mistress K, during which he is allowed to try and cum after some intense tease and denial. I assume most of you probably read Sub Hub’s blog anyway, but if by chance any of you don’t then I can only suggest that you are missing out on some seriously hot reading.

Lovely hotel foot-worship…

Mistress and I were away for the night last night, and in the afternoon we ended up in the bedroom. Now most people seem to have sex in hotel rooms, we don’t seem to do that anymore, but on the other hand we always seem to have foot worship. And yesterday was no exception, I must have kissed Mistress’s beautiful feet for well over twenty minutes, maybe even half an hour and I loved every second of it.

I’m not sure I really got over in my last post just how awesome Mistress R was in our Femdom session the other day, I still can’t stop thinking about her laying right in front of me rubbing her pussy while I knelt on the bed, my cock pulled tight and throbbing by the cocksling, unable to touch either her or my cock without permission. Makes me hard just thinking about it!

Femdom Session: 21st January 2016…

As you may or may not know, usually our Femdom sessions take place on Sunday’s. But we are away this weekend and then next weekend most likely Mistress will be on her period and the following weekend we are going out to dinner with friends etc… but Mistress and I want to make sure we don’t end up missing out sessions this year, so we decided to have it on a Thursday instead.

It does feel kind of weird doing it in the week, rushing after work etc… but once the session started I completely forgot about it and concentrated on Mistress’s gorgeous body! 🙂

I was a little bit grumpy last night, and tonight when I got home. I can’t help but feel that Mistress used that as an excuse to whip me rather harshly, I mean okay I missed the towels one day, but that was all, no touching my cock! It was rather stingy, all thirteen strokes of it! Hmm.

After that Mistress had me turn and face the bed and had me start worshipping her beautiful feet while she played with her glass dildo. I was wearing the Oxballs Cocksling and soon found my cock getting very hard as I listened to her sliding the glass cock in and out of her pussy. When she was satisfied with my foot worshipping (which seemed quite a long time, but I love it so I’m not complaining), Mistress finally allowed me to look up and watch her using the dildo on herself. My cock was throbbing again and Mistress ordered me onto the bed as she slid back towards the pillows.

I knelt on the bed, my cock as hard as hell, and watched as she continued to play with her pussy with her fingers. I love watching Mistress touch herself, it’s so fucking hot. I wish I got to see her do it a lot more, I’d love to see her get herself off… that would be awesome. 🙂

It was really frustrating not being allowed to touch either her or my poor throbbing cock, but soon Mistress had me tied down to the bed, whereupon she started stroking my cock. The next quarter of an hour was a cycle of Mistress sitting on my face, teasing me with her gorgeous ass, stroking and slapping my cock and riding my poor cock.

At some point she also picked the cock whip up off the bedside cabinet and teased me with it, rubbing it over her beautiful, exposed breasts and then her pussy. Mistress was wearing my favourite outfit again today and she looked stunning. I couldn’t help but think how hot her beautiful tits would look sprayed with cum… 🙂

As Mistress rubbed her pussy with the cock whip, it made me wonder what it would be like for Mistress to have her pussy whipped. This thought was soon banished from my mind as Mistress started using the cock whip on me. Mistress seemed to be whipping me a bit harder than usual, though it could be that it was because the ends seemed to be hitting my cock rather than the middle of the tails. I must say it caught my by surprise to start with, but I actually kind of liked that it stung a bit more, as sometimes I’ve thought Mistress was a bit gentle with it.

Mistress didn’t plug my ass this time, but she did peg my nipples and left me to stew for a little while, with my cock still massively hard in the Cocksling. When she came back it was still fairly hard, and the Cocksling still felt quite comfortable. Mistress had removed her split PVC skirt, leaving just the cup-less PVC body… she looked amazing.

She plucked the two pegs off, bringing a couple of winces of pain from me, then untied me and had me remove the Cocksling. She stood on the bed and pulled me close to her, rubbing my face against her delicious pussy. Then she lay down on the bed with her legs spread and told me to ‘eat her pussy until she came’.

Mistress had a nice orgasm and then had me lick her clean. There wasn’t ‘rivers’ of pussy juice like there sometimes is, dripping down the backs of her legs. But there was some very creamy juices which I licked up and could feel as the coated my face. Mmmm!

Then I was ordered onto my back again and Mistress stood over me once more, her pussy was still dripping wet and her asshole was absolutely coated with pussy juice. Mistress teased me a while before allowing me to tongue her ass a few times. It was very hot, with her stroking me hard and fast as I licked her asshole clean.

After the third time, Mistress lifted up and simultaneously let go of my cock. No I wasn’t getting to cum today, so I go into tomorrow denied, and carrying a 26 day load. 🙂

Joe asked ‘Do you ever take story requests’…?

Hi Joe, thanks for your comment…

I have tried writing stories for other people before, most notably ‘Femdom Cave’ (see the ‘unfinished Femdom Cave’ story… 40,000 words of fail!) and it hasn’t turned out well. But in that instance certainly I was trying to work to someone else’s guidelines of ‘forced’ chastity/femdom and so I went round in circles trying to create a plausible scenario where someone could be ‘forced’ into doing things ‘they didn’t want to’. I know most of the authors on Femdom Cave dispatch this problem with a couple of paragraphs (possibly using the old ‘I found something in your internet history’ cliche) but that’s not how I operate. And it seems my way wasn’t the right way, because it resulted in a big pile of meh, and wasn’t finished.

However, I am open to suggestions, if anyone has an idea they would like to see me write a story from then great, if it appeals to me then I will be happy to do so. Or even if anyone has any particular scene in their head they think I might be able to incorporate into a story, I’m all for hearing it. If nothing else it might inspire another idea.

The end of the decorating is in sight so I hope to be writing again before long.

Apologies for the silence…

The last week has been extremely busy, since I started a decorating project on New Years Eve (or the day before, I can’t even remember now…). This has taken up a LOT of time, and is still ongoing. Which for a tiny box room is somewhat ridiculous. But these things happen… and it is going to look a hundred times better than it did before, and make a great place for me to write music and stories.

Anyway, so it was a long time from our Femdom Session until the 5th of January… when Mistress had her very first orgasm of 2016. Nine long days in fact, and I was not letting it get into double figures no matter how exhausted I was. It was good, but it wasn’t ‘amazing’. Often I find after a long break (9 days is a long break for us) the first time isn’t the best, like we get out of the groove and we need a little practice to get back into it.

Well, after tonight I can certainly say we are back in the groove, big time. Mistress had a really, really nice orgasm. You know one of those where you are licking her pussy and she’s trembling as she builds up to it… oh yeah. Awesome! 🙂

And then she teased me really good too, I was getting so close, and one time I opened my mouth to warn her and before I could even speak she slowed right down. Mistress is definitely getting much better at reading the signs I think. She really worked my cock over tonight and by the time she stopped it was throbbing like crazy and hard as steel. It was fucking amazing, frankly, and I felt myself thrusting against the sheets as she teased me by stroking her fingers around my cock but not touching it. Wow!

It’s only been eleven days, but it feels a lot longer. I really wanted to cum tonight, so badly… and I love how Mistress seems to respond to my desperation, that is so hot. 🙂

It’s nearly five years since this blog (and full time chastity for me) started. That’s kind of hard to believe, and an anniversary worth celebrating I think. Hopefully once the decorating is completed things will get back to normal and I will start writing again, it’s been far too long since my last story. I was composing one in my head tonight, but no doubt the idea will have disappeared by the time it comes to sitting down to write.


My tumblr is still active, but I am a bit put-off of late I must admit. I do not like the fact that when jumping from tumblr to tumblr (as you tend to do) it is quite easy to end up on sites which are not acceptable. Case in point, I recently jumped from a tumblr which is Maledom/Femsub in nature (but reasonably okay) to a similar site that was definitely not okay and openly glorified domestic violence. I’m not going to name the site because a) I don’t actually know what it was called, and b) I wouldn’t give them the exposure.

Frankly anyone who thinks it’s cool to post pictures of a woman with bruises on her face captioned with utter shit like ‘If she can’t handle you at your worst she doesn’t deserve you at your best’ needs to FUCK OFF AND DIE!

Seriously, what sort of lowlife piece of shit thinks that is cool? Pathetic fucking bastards. It made me so angry and disgusted, I was half tempted to delete my account, in fact I may still do that. I’m bored shitless of tumblr anyway, and I only did one to try and get some new readers here.

Well how’s that for my first post of 2016?