Apologies for the silence…

The last week has been extremely busy, since I started a decorating project on New Years Eve (or the day before, I can’t even remember now…). This has taken up a LOT of time, and is still ongoing. Which for a tiny box room is somewhat ridiculous. But these things happen… and it is going to look a hundred times better than it did before, and make a great place for me to write music and stories.

Anyway, so it was a long time from our Femdom Session until the 5th of January… when Mistress had her very first orgasm of 2016. Nine long days in fact, and I was not letting it get into double figures no matter how exhausted I was. It was good, but it wasn’t ‘amazing’. Often I find after a long break (9 days is a long break for us) the first time isn’t the best, like we get out of the groove and we need a little practice to get back into it.

Well, after tonight I can certainly say we are back in the groove, big time. Mistress had a really, really nice orgasm. You know one of those where you are licking her pussy and she’s trembling as she builds up to it… oh yeah. Awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚

And then she teased me really good too, I was getting so close, and one time I opened my mouth to warn her and before I could even speak she slowed right down. Mistress is definitely getting much better at reading the signs I think. She really worked my cock over tonight and by the time she stopped itย was throbbing like crazy and hard as steel. It was fucking amazing, frankly, and I felt myself thrusting against the sheets as she teased me by stroking her fingers around my cock but not touching it. Wow!

It’s only been eleven days, but it feels a lot longer. I really wanted to cum tonight, so badly… and I love how Mistress seems to respond to my desperation, that is so hot. ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s nearly five years since this blog (and full time chastity for me) started. That’s kind of hard to believe, and an anniversary worth celebrating I think. Hopefully once the decorating is completed things will get back to normal and I will start writing again, it’s been far too long since my last story. I was composing one in my head tonight, but no doubt the idea will have disappeared by the time it comes to sitting down to write.


My tumblr is still active, but I am a bit put-off of late I must admit. I do not like the fact that when jumping from tumblr to tumblr (as you tend to do) it is quite easy to end up on sites which are not acceptable. Case in point, I recently jumped from a tumblr which is Maledom/Femsub in nature (but reasonably okay) to a similar site that was definitely not okay and openly glorified domestic violence. I’m not going to name the site because a) I don’t actually know what it was called, and b) I wouldn’t give them the exposure.

Frankly anyone who thinks it’s cool to post pictures of a woman with bruises on her face captioned with utter shit like ‘If she can’t handle you at your worst she doesn’t deserve you at your best’ needs to FUCK OFF AND DIE!

Seriously, what sort of lowlife piece of shit thinks that is cool? Pathetic fucking bastards. It made me so angry and disgusted, I was half tempted to delete my account, in fact I may still do that. I’m bored shitless of tumblr anyway, and I only did one to try and get some new readers here.

Well how’s that for my first post of 2016?

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  1. I Love your posts, I love your lifestyle and the cutting-edge intimacy you have with your wife. Your 1st post for 2016 was great ๐Ÿ™‚

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