Joe asked ‘Do you ever take story requests’…?

Hi Joe, thanks for your comment…

I have tried writing stories for other people before, most notably ‘Femdom Cave’ (see the ‘unfinished Femdom Cave’ story… 40,000 words of fail!) and it hasn’t turned out well. But in that instance certainly I was trying to work to someone else’s guidelines of ‘forced’ chastity/femdom and so I went round in circles trying to create a plausible scenario where someone could be ‘forced’ into doing things ‘they didn’t want to’. I know most of the authors on Femdom Cave dispatch this problem with a couple of paragraphs (possibly using the old ‘I found something in your internet history’ cliche) but that’s not how I operate. And it seems my way wasn’t the right way, because it resulted in a big pile of meh, and wasn’t finished.

However, I am open to suggestions, if anyone has an idea they would like to see me write a story from then great, if it appeals to me then I will be happy to do so. Or even if anyone has any particular scene in their head they think I might be able to incorporate into a story, I’m all for hearing it. If nothing else it might inspire another idea.

The end of the decorating is in sight so I hope to be writing again before long.

5 thoughts on “Joe asked ‘Do you ever take story requests’…?

  1. Thanks for entertaining ideas.
    One that has fascinated me since one time at beach was this one:
    Staring at a lovely 19-year old at beach, from the next beach house behind you. One time, she’s walking back to house, and you decide to head back to your own rented place, following her and that lovely bikini’d ass. No one else is in the houses, everyone at the water. She notices what you’re doing, and starts chastizing you… grabs you by the ear, and drags you into her house and upstairs to her bathroom, where she orders you to strip and service her… she wets you down, and humiliates you. Kinda like that..might “work” for ya, or not… lol 🙂

    • Hi Sara Elise
      Thanks for your contribution.
      What exactly do you mean by ‘wet’s you down’? I am presuming you mean she pisses on him… but maybe not.

  2. Okay, here is my idea… (I am posting this request because I suck at writing).

    I am suggesting a story about birthday spankings and a chastity slave. I (or the guy, me in my head) have a birthday coming up and I fantasize about asking this girl for my birthday spankings. In the fantasy… we meet at a bar and somehow it gets brought up. Of course, she ends up picking the guy up at the bar and then ties him to a tree/post/bed/something for his birthday spankings and eventually locks him in chastity. The only way she will let him out of the bondage is if he eats his orgasm after it happens.

    The story also could include boot worship, bondage, cunnalingus/analingus, whippings/floggings, locking him in a cage/prison, taking his virginity and pegging. Of course, at the end she would disappear with him locked in chastity left wondering if she would ever appear again (so you could continue the story if you wanted).

    I’m a virgin in real life, so that’s where that part comes in. Another thought is she could leave him locked and only release him an x number of days for his monthly whippings. She will not let him out of chastity until he learns to come from her whippings.

    She could also leave him in the chastity and only release him for his monthly pegging. When she eventually finds out how to properly milk him from pegging, she will no longer have a reason to ever let him out of the device again. He will continue getting whipped and pegged whenever she sees fit, only the cage stays on. If he really wants to orgasm, it will happen with the cage in place.

    Hoping some day I can find a dominant woman that can make these things a reality.

    • Hi Joe
      I must admit my initial reaction to this was NO, NO, NO!
      But….I don’t know. I think you may have stumbled onto something here, because the guy is a virgin it’s perhaps more plausible that he would submit, especially if he’s quite shy and she’s very sexual, so that her just kissing him almost makes him cum in his pants.
      I thought that maybe an easy way for the subject to come up would be for him to be wearing a T-shirt that someone had made for him which said ‘SPANK ME, it’s my birthday’. Then she could mention it and ask him if he really wanted to be spanked.
      I think this would work if not made too long and don’t try and progress the story, rather allude to the way things will go in the future – ie: she tells him how she sees things going, rather than keep jumping on a month at a time.
      Does that sound good?

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