Lovely hotel foot-worship…

Mistress and I were away for the night last night, and in the afternoon we ended up in the bedroom. Now most people seem to have sex in hotel rooms, we don’t seem to do that anymore, but on the other hand we always seem to have foot worship. And yesterday was no exception, I must have kissed Mistress’s beautiful feet for well over twenty minutes, maybe even half an hour and I loved every second of it.

I’m not sure I really got over in my last post just how awesome Mistress R was in our Femdom session the other day, I still can’t stop thinking about her laying right in front of me rubbing her pussy while I knelt on the bed, my cock pulled tight and throbbing by the cocksling, unable to touch either her or my cock without permission. Makes me hard just thinking about it!

2 thoughts on “Lovely hotel foot-worship…

  1. Hotel sex used to be hot… Leaving a big wet spot on the sheets for the cleaning staff to “tsk, tsk” at (I just can’t imagine some of the high “yuk” factor things they must see…). These days, there aren’t many wet spots, maybe the odd small one from a ruined orgasm.

    Not being a foot lover, I’m not able to appreciate your excitement fully, but I guessing that you had a hell of a hard-on while you treated Mistress R’s tootsies so well…


    • Hi Harry
      I certainly did… unfortunately, later on when Mistress decided to tease me I was feeling rough as hell after drinking a disastrously over-spirited cocktail. Typical.

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