An unexpected ruining…

It’s been thirty two days since I was last allowed to cum, the end of last year in fact. It occurred to me today that since Mistress didn’t allow me to cum during our recent Femdom session, it could happen any day soon, since it seems unlikely (though not impossible) that she will wait until our next session.

It had been a week since Mistress had cum, mainly due to the rather sudden arrival of her period a couple of days after our session. As I moved between her legs my cock was achingly hard and it stayed that way for a good five minutes or so as I licked her delicious pussy. By the time Mistress had come however, it had softened somewhat. But that didn’t last long once Mistress closed her lips around it and it was soon once again desperately hard and aching to cum.

Mistress allowed me to gently stroke her asshole with my fingertips as she continued sucking and stroking my cock, I really badly wanted to ask her if I could lick her ass, but I was getting so close, I knew I would get too close too quickly and decided to wait and ask another day. Mistress kept stroking my cock really fast and then stopping just as I was getting to the edge. Then she would gently suck my cock until I calmed down slightly before repeating the process again.

Finally she moved up the bed to kiss me and stroked really hard and fast. I warned her that I was getting close but she didn’t let up. I warned her again and she told me that I had permission to cum. It never even entered my head that she would ruin it, but as soon as I started to cum Mistress let go and just traced her fingertips down my cock as we both watched my cum leaking from the tip of my cock.

After a while Mistress ran her finger up my still hard cock and collected some of my cum on her finger before offering it to my mouth. After I licked it clean and swallowed my cum she collected some more from the base of my cock and had me swallow that too. I love it when Mistress ruins my orgasm like that, I hope eventually she will feel more confident about doing it and less concerned about asking if it was ‘okay’. And then maybe she will ruin me more often and let me cum properly less often too. 🙂


2 thoughts on “An unexpected ruining…

  1. Oh, how i envy you. It looks like it was a life from the last time my Wife granted me a ruined one. In this time i was just two weeks without cum and i loved/hated the frustration and desperation to cum properly.

    But you was 32 days, there must be like agony for you. Seriously you can become crazy if She do this to you too often, jajaja.

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