Why I love ruined orgasms…

After last night’s ruined orgasm, Mistress and I watched some TV and then as I had to get up for work in the morning I went to bed. I sort of dozed a bit and was aware of my cock getting hard again. It got harder and harder to the point that I seriously considered going downstairs and asking Mistress for permission to stroke. Just as I was thinking about this I heard Mistress coming up the stairs and going into the bathroom.

By the time she got into bed I had dozed off again and then I woke up as she pulled the covers back. I slid my arms around her and felt my cock slowly hardening against her stomach while we kissed. Ignoring my cock, Mistress turned over and snuggled against me, my cock squashed between our bodies.

I asked her if I could touch my cock and she said that I could ‘for a short time’. I was so hard and so close to cumming again, Mistress could have made me cum in well under a minute if she had wanted to. Needless to say, when I finished stroking my cock (very carefully it must be said!) it was even worse.

This perfectly illustrates why I love it when Mistress ruins my orgasms. If Mistress had allowed me to cum properly, none of this would have happened. I would have been drained and probably wouldn’t have got hard again until the next day. Despite what some people claim, I don’t really find ruined orgasms ‘painful’ at all. They are frustrating of course, feeling your cock getting harder and harder, preparing to expel the cum from your balls is a wonderful feeling… it builds and builds, so close and then… nothing. Just the sight of your cum slowly leaking from the head of your cock. And perhaps the taste of it as your Mistress feeds it to you from her fingers.

That’s something I miss when I’m not allowed to cum for long periods, because now I always have to swallow my cum when I am allowed to cum, I associate the taste with pleasure, so the hornier I get the more I literally crave the taste.

Of course there’s also the psychological side, the ‘power’ exchange, that Mistress gets to take me right to the edge as many times, and ultimately over it, but still denies me and keeps me aching for her.

And that of course is the best thing of all about ruined orgasms, that you don’t lose that horniness, the ache, the overpowering desire to cum… we all know how much it sucks to lose that feeling for the sake of a few seconds of intense pleasure. Of course, in the moment, right on the edge, when every fibre of your being is focused on cumming hard, barely any man would chose to be ruined, but deep down that’s what he’ll wish had happened afterwards.

Honestly, laying with Mistress last night, my cock throbbing against her gorgeous ass, aching for her to touch my cock and tease me again and of course knowing that she was satisfied, was about as close to perfect as I can imagine. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Why I love ruined orgasms…

  1. You have perfectly described why some of us (yes, me too) literally prefer ruined orgasms now over full-on orgasms! Like you, I don’t find ruined orgasm painful in the least bit. I have come to appreciate, enjoy and very much look forward to the process and ability to be denied a full orgasm. Mistress K. will allow full orgasms for me occasionally, but they are rare. Mistress K. has successfully trained me to truly put her pleasure before mine. Honestly, given the choice I would usually prefer no orgasm if it meant being able to witness Mistress K. having one. Sometimes, like the other night, there is an overwhelming urge to ejaculate when she does, but it is only ever a ruined orgasm that I crave. Oddly enough, I have also come to enjoy and long for the feeling of blue, achy balls. Don’t ask me why ………… It seems there is something to this Female Lead Marriage stuff because I have never been more sexually satisfied in my entire life, even though I have only had 10 full orgasms in 3 years.

    keep up the good work my friend!

    • Hi SubHub
      Yes indeed, I would happily agree to going orgasm free indefinitely, though I don’t think Mistress is anywhere near ready for going that far. I agree also about the pleasure taken from Mistress’s orgasm, there simply is nothing better or more satisfying.

  2. You describe the benefits of a ruined orgasm well, Rob… The fact that one is hard and horny and ready for more afterwards outweighs the frustration many times over.

    As you get deeper into orgasm denial, you’ll find that the same thing applies to full orgasms, too. The ongoing horniness, the 24/7 thoughts of sex, and of her start to outweigh the desire to have a 15 second burst of pleasure, followed by a period of the hormone driven “blahs”. Saying “no thanks” to an offer of an orgasm becomes easy.


  3. Great description of a lovely night, and how the aching for Her can continue at a high level 🙂 Interesting how you’ve come to associate eating your cum with pleasure now.

    • Hi Sara-Elise
      Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a constant thing, it’s usually a side-effect of feeling particularly desperate to cum. I would be interested to hear if other men who consume their cum have a similar experience.

  4. All so very well put! My wife and I are learning the FLM ropes and haven’t played with the ruined orgasm as much as I’d like. It’s mostly been straight up tease and denial and eventually a full on orgasm. My last orgasm was a ruined one however and it was almost surreal. She wanted to watch me cum but didn’t say exactly how so I went with the ruined O and gave her the show she wanted as I masturbated for her while she climaxed with the help of her Hitachi magic wand. I was hard again in no time and we made love until she was fulfilled. I’m hoping she’ll see the overall benefits that you described so well in your post and weave a few more in!

    I’m enjoying reading your blog and look forward to reading more about your FLM.

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