An orgasm free January…

It doesn’t happen very often… or perhaps I should say, so far it hasn’t happened very often, but January 2016 has rather unexpectedly turned out to be my third orgasm free month since we started full time chastity in April 2011. The last one was August 2014, and before that it was May 2012. This should help keep my total for the year down a bit as Mistress has been rather generous compared to last year, in contrast, her total is heading for a new low, which is somewhat disappointing it must be said.

I’d like to think that my next orgasm free month will arrive a lot sooner than before, hopefully Mistress will really start to embrace ruined orgasms this year (I would be quite happy to cum a lot more if they were ruined) so she can drain my balls but keep me horny and desperate for much longer than before. šŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “An orgasm free January…

  1. Maybe she thinks it is better than you don’t get any orgasms for several months, including ruined ones, to increase your desperation and submission and her control of you. Will be interesting to see what she does going forward.


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