Ten days already?

I can’t actually believe that Mistress just went 10 days between orgasms. That is awful. That just shows what a shitty month this has been for us (except for a few good bits, obviously. Most notably when I got to cum all over Mistress’s beautiful feet last week). At least Mistress had a lovely orgasm on my tongue this evening, and I got a really good teasing too. My cock was very hard by the end and Mistress even let me lick her gorgeous asshole a couple of times as well. 🙂

Slow week…

I’m afraid I’m not behind on posting to the blog or updating the stats, Mistress hasn’t cum at all in the last week. In fact she now has a cold and is on her period too. This could easily prove to be the worst month since I started this blog as far as frequency of Mistress’s orgasms go. Very, very likely to be the worst year as well. Which is a great disappointment.

Still, on the plus side, can you believe in about 38 days we will have been living a 24/7 chastity lifestyle for five years! I can hardly believe that at all… quite incredible. Of course, it makes me wonder about things, as always… do I miss ‘normal’ sex, does Mistress, etc etc etc…

Part of me thinks that after five years maybe we ought to at least try going back to ‘normal’ for a month or so, or is that a bad idea?

55 or 56 depending on how you look at it…

Last night I went to bed before Mistress R, but I didn’t really sleep, and when Mistress came to bed at about 1:30am I cuddled against her and felt my cock start to harden. Mistress barely touched my cock at first, but then she took my cock into her mouth and gently teased and bit my cock. She still wasn’t stroking me at all but I could feel myself getting more and more turned on. She gently stroked my balls and I could feel myself getting closer and closer to the edge, even with barely any stimulation.

The other day Mistress said that just because I had a voucher, it didn’t necessarily mean that the next time I came I would be allowed to cum where I wanted. As the voucher was valid for a month it might be that she let me cum again later in the month and that would be when I got to choose.

So I wasn’t actually expecting Mistress to respond to my warning the way she did. Suddenly she threw the covers back and turned the light on and asked me where I wanted to cum. I had decided long ago to cum on her feet because I have wanted to do that for so long. She lay back on the bed and stroked her pussy while I knelt on the bed and jerked my cock. As you can imagine it didn’t take many strokes before I was cumming, and soon Mistress’s beautiful feet were soaked in my huge load.

Mistress’s gorgeous feet looked so sexy covered in cum (what a pity we didn’t take a photo…) and I eagerly licked them clean before we settled down and went to sleep. I really loved cumming on Mistress’s beautiful feet, and seeing her touching herself while I was cumming was awesome too (what man in his right mind wouldn’t?).

I’m looking forward to worshiping Mistress’s beautiful pussy today, the first time this year with empty balls! That’s quite an achievement though, 21st of Feb. I hope this is a sign of things to come.

Things have to improve soon, surely?

Well, I’m still feeling pretty ill, and now Mistress is feeling pretty ill too. What a wretched February this has proven to be. I am quite amazed that Mistress has managed to cum as many times as she has (though still nowhere near enough).

I suppose I should be happy that at least it didn’t completely ruin our weekend away last week. Oh, I forgot to mention, Mistress commented that she found it ‘interesting’ that I chose to worship her ass rather than cum the other day.

It’s day 54 today, and of course every day is a new record. But like I said before, I’m not exactly feeling ‘horny’ so it’s all a bit moot really. Annoying.

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A wonderful orgasm for Mistress R…

Well tonight Mistress had what seemed to me like a pretty amazing orgasm, and I absolutely loved sharing it with her. Such a wonderful feeling to make her cum like that. 🙂 Afterwards I was kissing her gorgeous feet for a while and then Mistress pulled me up the bed and started playing with my cock.
Sadly my cold, which is still here after well over two weeks, has left me feeling rather tired today and my cock was very slow to respond. Disappointingly, Mistress couldn’t get me quite hard enough to pull me inside, but instead she had me lay on my back and then started sucking and slapping my cock. It got a bit harder, but I was feeling decidedly second rate.
I decided to ask Mistress if I could worship her gorgeous ass, I haven’t asked lately because I feared it might push me towards the edge too quick, but I didn’t really feel that was likely to be a problem today.
Mistress moved to straddle my face then said that I could, but I had to choose between worshipping her ass and cumming. I didn’t even really need to think about it and said that I wanted to lick her ass. Mistress positioned herself over my head and sank down until I could lick her ass, it seems so long since I did it and I LOVE doing it.
Mistress allowed me to lick her ass twice before climbing off me, but I begged her to let me do it one me time and she very kindly allowed me to. By the time I had worshipped her gorgeous asshole with my tongue for the third time my cock was much harder, but even then I kind of knew that if she asked me to get on top and push it inside her it would probably not last.
Thankfully, Mistress called a halt while we were winning and as I expected my cock didn’t stay hard for long, at least not long after the initial frustrating (but lovely) feeling of it crushed against her as we cuddled afterwards.
So this is day 52, but to be honest I don’t really feel as if I’ve had the full benefit. Having been ill for the last two weeks, I haven’t felt nearly as desperately horny as I should have done, which is a bit disappointing really. I just hope I start feeling better soon, and that Mistress’s snuffles don’t end up with her getting a cold.

New record is here….

So today is 51 days for me (27th Dec was my last proper orgasm), and it feels pretty good to be half way through February and to be able to say ‘I haven’t cum since last year’. 🙂

Only thing is that I checked up and last time I went 50 days Mistress had 19 orgasms in the same period, this time it’s only been 12. That’s disappointing, and partially due to illness. I have had a cold now for over two weeks and it shows no sign of getting better.

However, we did manage to have some fun last night, Mistress got to cum on my tongue, but I wasn’t too in the mood to be teased really. But we started talking about my voucher and as we discussed it I could feel my cock getting hard as I pondered where I wanted to lick my cum up from.

Soon Mistress was stroking and sucking my cock and it occurred to me that I can’t ever remember Mistress allowing me to cum on (rather than in) her pussy. Jerking my cock over her pussy and then licking it clean would be super hot. I tried to convey this to her but I think she misheard me and thought I said ‘in’ her pussy, because she said ‘You might be allowed to do that soon’… oh well.

Annoyingly, I’m not sure Mistress is reading my blog anymore, so I might have to clarify my comment at some point.

The big 5-0…

So today is fifty days since my last orgasm and this equals my previous record. I am still pondering the choices Mistress has offered me (see my last post), and am still slightly tending towards emptying my swollen balls on her beautiful feet. It’s a long, long time since I was allowed to do that ‘properly’ and that memory has stayed with me for a long time. The thing is, I need to know whether Mistress is going to let me jerk off over her feet, or if she’s going to try and do it. Previous experience tells me that it’s quite awkward for her to jerk me off over her feet, and it often seems to end up more on me than on her feet (which would be disappointing).

The time that I remember was during a Femdom session and I was kneeling on the bed near Mistress’s feet and she told me to cum on her feet. I remember jerking hard and firing a string of cum right up her leg before pumping the rest out on her gorgeous feet. I love the thought of licking a huge load off her feet and from her pretty toes again. But of course… I also have good memories of licking my cum off of Mistress’s breasts and ass too.

I sketched down some notes this morning for a story about a slave ruining an orgasm on his Mistress’s feet this morning, so… that may be an indication.


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone…

This weekend has been super busy. Mistress and I took a drive up to Manchester to see Faderhead on Friday night, then stayed the night in a hotel and watched another band on Saturday night (Millencolin) before driving home. Needless to say we are a little bit tired today…

Unusually we had our Valentines meal in the afternoon and exchanged gifts which this year included for me one of Mistress’s little vouchers… it says:

“Next time I allow you to cum, you may ask permission for one of the following:

To cum on my feet

To cum on my breasts

To cum on my ass

This is valid for one month from today’s date.”

So, I assume that Mistress is intending to let me cum ‘properly’ before March the 14th, though it doesn’t actually state that. Also the ‘ask’ was underlined, so I presume that means I can ask, but the decision will still be up to her whether I can cum there or not.

This is so hard, because I have been fantasizing about cumming on Mistress R’s gorgeous feet again for a very long time, but when it’s offered in such a way that I have to choose it over her breasts or ass… man that’s HARD!