Starting off February right…

After my orgasm-free January, what better way to start February than with another orgasm for Mistress and an edging for me? I really wanted to cum tonight when Mistress was pumping my cock hard and fast, although actually, what I really wanted was for her to ruin me again. But I didn’t think that was very likely so soon, and I was correct.

It might be fun for her to ruin me several times in a row, don’t you think?

2 thoughts on “Starting off February right…

  1. Absolutely! In fact since you’ve now gone 3 separate months without an O, why not head out into a little deeper water and go 2 consecutive calendar months 🙂 It’s obviously up to Mistress of course, but it sure would make an impact, especially since you’d like to see a few more orgasms coming your way…

    Good Luck!

    • Hi sublove
      Yes that would be cool to go two months in a row without a proper orgasm, I’d be up for that… forty days tomorrow.

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