Blog issues resolved…

Hopefully the issue with the age verification has been resolved now, thanks to Lady M. Please let me know if the problem persists for you.

This week has been a bit sucky, I’ve had a cold since the tail end of last weekend, maybe longer actually… I can’t quite remember. On the positive side I am feeling a bit better today and Mistress has just enjoyed a lovely orgasm on my tongue. Afterwards Mistress rode my cock for some time but obviously I wasn’t allowed to cum.

And on that note I will bid you all good night and a happy weekend.

3 thoughts on “Blog issues resolved…

  1. Hi, Rob. Logging in to your blog still requires that I confirm my age (old) and that I want it to remember that (which it doesn’t, ever)


    • Hi Harry
      It’s only supposed to remember while you are on the site, if you go away and come back another day (well actually it’s supposed to remember for a few hours) you have to sign in again. It still shouldn’t ask you to sign in between every page though.

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