Approaching a new record?

There exists the possibility that this may be the last time this happens, but as it stands, Mistress has had more orgasms in this ‘Orgasm Year’ (96) than I have since April 2011 (95). If things continue as they have then I could be in the 110-120 range by this time next year, unless Mistress decides to start holding back on the ‘full’ orgasms (which I really hope she does) and starts ruining me more.

I’m currently on fifteen orgasms for this ‘Orgasm Year’, which is the same as last year, but there’s still nearly two months to go before the counter sets back to ‘0’. I can’t really imagine that Mistress won’t let me cum before March 31st, especially as I’m currently on 44 days since my last proper orgasm and my record is 50 days. I’d love to believe that I wouldn’t have another ‘full’ orgasm until April the 1st, but I can’t really see it.

So this is the second longest I’ve been denied already, and I think Mistress definitely wants me to go over the 50. The question is how much over 50? I hope it’s a long way over… Ā šŸ™‚

10 thoughts on “Approaching a new record?

  1. I eagerly await news of your lack of orgasms.

    Speaking of lack of orgasms, today’s Day 250 for me. I’m “due” in late March, but may ask CH to stretch things out until June to make it a full year…

  2. Crazy how we just want more and more……of denial! More of nothing, zip, zilch, nada. Less is definitely more in this case. I hope she grants you your wish, just how to dance around the mine field of Valentine’s day. Who knows what she’ll want eh?
    I’m currently on my longest full orgasm-less stretch. Just over 3 months, with only one ruined orgasm during that time. Almost into triple digit days, but again Valentine’s weekend is coming up so that streak is certainly in jeopardy. I’d like to continue being denied but will be quite content with whatever my Queen decides.

    • Tricky isn’t it. On the one hand I genuinely want Mistress to ‘decide’ but at the same time, I know that even though it will feel good, I’ll wish she’d ruined it or just plain denied me again.

  3. I genuinely want your mistress to let you have an orgasm with as little pleasure as possible… only to lock you up, stare at your penis and say, “See you in 2018!”

    That would be so hot. Plus, I’m a little jealous of your situation.

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