Happy Valentine’s Day everyone…

This weekend has been super busy. Mistress and I took a drive up to Manchester to see Faderhead on Friday night, then stayed the night in a hotel and watched another band on Saturday night (Millencolin) before driving home. Needless to say we are a little bit tired today…

Unusually we had our Valentines meal in the afternoon and exchanged gifts which this year included for me one of Mistress’s little vouchers… it says:

“Next time I allow you to cum, you may ask permission for one of the following:

To cum on my feet

To cum on my breasts

To cum on my ass

This is valid for one month from today’s date.”

So, I assume that Mistress is intending to let me cum ‘properly’ before March the 14th, though it doesn’t actually state that. Also the ‘ask’ was underlined, so I presume that means I can ask, but the decision will still be up to her whether I can cum there or not.

This is so hard, because I have been fantasizing about cumming on Mistress R’s gorgeous feet again for a very long time, but when it’s offered in such a way that I have to choose it over her breasts or ass… man that’s HARD!

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