The big 5-0…

So today is fifty days since my last orgasm and this equals my previous record. I am still pondering the choices Mistress has offered me (see my last post), and am still slightly tending towards emptying my swollen balls on her beautiful feet. It’s a long, long time since I was allowed to do that ‘properly’ and that memory has stayed with me for a long time. The thing is, I need to know whether Mistress is going to let me jerk off over her feet, or if she’s going to try and do it. Previous experience tells me that it’s quite awkward for her to jerk me off over her feet, and it often seems to end up more on me than on her feet (which would be disappointing).

The time that I remember was during a Femdom session and I was kneeling on the bed near Mistress’s feet and she told me to cum on her feet. I remember jerking hard and firing a string of cum right up her leg before pumping the rest out on her gorgeous feet. I love the thought of licking a huge load off her feet and from her pretty toes again. But of course… I also have good memories of licking my cum off of Mistress’s breasts and ass too.

I sketched down some notes this morning for a story about a slave ruining an orgasm on his Mistress’s feet this morning, so… that may be an indication.


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