New record is here….

So today is 51 days for me (27th Dec was my last proper orgasm), and it feels pretty good to be half way through February and to be able to say ‘I haven’t cum since last year’. 🙂

Only thing is that I checked up and last time I went 50 days Mistress had 19 orgasms in the same period, this time it’s only been 12. That’s disappointing, and partially due to illness. I have had a cold now for over two weeks and it shows no sign of getting better.

However, we did manage to have some fun last night, Mistress got to cum on my tongue, but I wasn’t too in the mood to be teased really. But we started talking about my voucher and as we discussed it I could feel my cock getting hard as I pondered where I wanted to lick my cum up from.

Soon Mistress was stroking and sucking my cock and it occurred to me that I can’t ever remember Mistress allowing me to cum on (rather than in) her pussy. Jerking my cock over her pussy and then licking it clean would be super hot. I tried to convey this to her but I think she misheard me and thought I said ‘in’ her pussy, because she said ‘You might be allowed to do that soon’… oh well.

Annoyingly, I’m not sure Mistress is reading my blog anymore, so I might have to clarify my comment at some point.

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