A wonderful orgasm for Mistress R…

Well tonight Mistress had what seemed to me like a pretty amazing orgasm, and I absolutely loved sharing it with her. Such a wonderful feeling to make her cum like that. 🙂 Afterwards I was kissing her gorgeous feet for a while and then Mistress pulled me up the bed and started playing with my cock.
Sadly my cold, which is still here after well over two weeks, has left me feeling rather tired today and my cock was very slow to respond. Disappointingly, Mistress couldn’t get me quite hard enough to pull me inside, but instead she had me lay on my back and then started sucking and slapping my cock. It got a bit harder, but I was feeling decidedly second rate.
I decided to ask Mistress if I could worship her gorgeous ass, I haven’t asked lately because I feared it might push me towards the edge too quick, but I didn’t really feel that was likely to be a problem today.
Mistress moved to straddle my face then said that I could, but I had to choose between worshipping her ass and cumming. I didn’t even really need to think about it and said that I wanted to lick her ass. Mistress positioned herself over my head and sank down until I could lick her ass, it seems so long since I did it and I LOVE doing it.
Mistress allowed me to lick her ass twice before climbing off me, but I begged her to let me do it one me time and she very kindly allowed me to. By the time I had worshipped her gorgeous asshole with my tongue for the third time my cock was much harder, but even then I kind of knew that if she asked me to get on top and push it inside her it would probably not last.
Thankfully, Mistress called a halt while we were winning and as I expected my cock didn’t stay hard for long, at least not long after the initial frustrating (but lovely) feeling of it crushed against her as we cuddled afterwards.
So this is day 52, but to be honest I don’t really feel as if I’ve had the full benefit. Having been ill for the last two weeks, I haven’t felt nearly as desperately horny as I should have done, which is a bit disappointing really. I just hope I start feeling better soon, and that Mistress’s snuffles don’t end up with her getting a cold.

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