I’m so close…

This is my second attempt at writing this post. My first was almost completed last night, when I caught the mousepad with my finger and abracadabra-bickety-bosh the whole thing was deleted. I was not happy, and since I can’t seem to find any way of stopping this happening (it wasn’t the first time by a long chalk) I have taken to writing in Word which has a lovely autosave, so even if I lose some of my post it won’t be all of it. Although knowing my luck it will autosave right after I cock it up again! Anyway, you didn’t come here to read about my inability to deal with first world problems, so I shall bore you with them no more!

Last night Mistress enjoyed her 100th orgasm of this chastity year. It was a lovely orgasm too, very fitting for the 100th of the year, and Mistress obviously enjoyed it enormously. After I had worshipped her gorgeous feet for a while and she had recovered, Mistress had me lick her pussy clean, before she started teasing me.

For those of you who don’t know, our chastity years run from April 1st – March 31st. This blog started in April 2011, just a couple of days after our full-time chastity agreement began on 1st April. All of which means this particular chastity year is drawing to a close, and with just 100 Mistress orgasms on the board so far, this is looking like it might possibly be the worst year since we started. Currently the least orgasmic year for Mistress was 2012-2013 with 112, so unless we score something close to a record month this month…

February was in fact the worst single month since the start of the blog, Mistress came just 6 times last month which is very disappointing. A lot of this was due to us both being ill, which is hopefully behind us now. Hopefully 2016-2017 will be better and Mistress will get into double figures every month. I know I shouldn’t get too hung up on the figures, and that quality is better than quantity and all that, but even so. I feel happier knowing that Mistress is properly satisfied.

Anyway, back to last night. Mistress soon had me hard and after some lovely slapping, stroking and sucking she decided to straddle me and sink down on my throbbing cock. As usual Mistress was wearing her black bra, and as much as I really wanted her to take it off and show me her gorgeous breasts I knew it was a bad idea as far as making it last went, so I decided to content myself with squeezing them through the material.

Sometimes when Mistress rides my cock she gives the impression that she’s doing it for me, rather than for her own enjoyment, but last night she seemed to be enjoying it a lot. It felt great for me too, but the way she was angling her pelvis to get maximum friction meant that it wasn’t really that long before I had to warn her I was getting close.

I was certain she was going to let me cum inside her. Absolutely certain. Even though it’s only been ten or so days since I was allowed to cum on her beautiful feet, I was convinced of it. And when she straddled me I was even more convinced. So when I warned her that I was getting close I absolutely expected her to speed up and tell me to shoot my load inside her. I was so sure, I could almost taste the mixture of cum and pussy juice that would soon be coating my tongue when she lifted herself off my wilting cock and onto my face.

But instead, she slowed right down and simply ground herself against my poor edging cock, leaving me to fight the urge to cum. It was fantastic, I have never been so close to coming inside her but not allowed to do so. I don’t know how long she stayed there, it probably wasn’t that long, but it felt like a while to me. Then she lifted herself off and lay next to me before very gently sliding her fingertips along my wet cock. She pushed them into my mouth so that I could lick them clean and told me that that was all I was getting.

I couldn’t quite believe it. Even when she lifted off I thought she might grab my cock and stroke it hard, at least until I started to cum… maybe even longer. I just wasn’t expecting her to say ‘That’s it for today’.

As you probably know I am not allowed to ‘beg’ to be allowed to cum. And I didn’t, well… not really. But I did say… in a rather desperate tone of voice, ‘I’m so close’.

To which Mistress responded, ‘I know you are, but you love it when I’m mean to you, don’t you?’

All I could really say to that was ‘Yes Mistress’.

And it’s true, because as much as I desperately wanted to jump on top of Mistress and slam my cock into her pussy until I filled her with cum, I fucking love that she took me so close, and made it so hard for me and still left me denied. It was so incredible, I just loved it so much.

My cock throbbed against her for ages and I begged her to stroke it just a little more. Mistress reached down and gave me three more firm strokes which felt so fucking good I can’t even begin to explain, but then I had to content myself with cuddling my beautiful Mistress and feeling my cock throb and ache against her gorgeous, sexy body. 🙂

The other day I made a post about the fact that we were coming up to our fifth anniversary of chastity, and asked if anyone had any thoughts about whether we should continue on or have a break from it for a month or so. I haven’t spoken to Mistress about that post and I don’t think that she’s read it, or if she has she hasn’t mentioned it. All I can say is really, if last night is anything to go by, I really have no qualms about continuing on for another five years. I hope Mistress keeps building on the idea of being mean to me and making it hard for me, because last night really was pretty amazing.

8 thoughts on “I’m so close…

  1. Men like us, are ‘t we just out of the so called norm. My wife also knows that I love when she denies me, and get so much pleasure from being edged. She laughs when she stops and knows she has edged me well. And she will say, ” you love this, I know you would rather edge than cum”. “Isn’t that right,? “. Of course she is right, as always. I guess somehow we are just wired a little differently, or do all the other men have it wrong?

    • Hi All Hers,
      It’s true, but when you are actually on the edge, there’s that conflict in your mind and you really want to cum. But after you are glad you were denied. 🙂

  2. Hey, Rob…

    A couple of things:

    First… your concern about the quantity of orgasms Mistress R has.. You are absolutely right about quality coming before quantity. There is also the matter of the subtle pressure that we apply when any goal is quantity driven… I learned long ago (and since I’m quite a bit older than you, I can pretend that I’m wise and full of sage advice), that pressure to get one’s spouse to do something is usually counter-productive. I’d recommend more of a “go with the flow” approach. CH, like many women, has always had a libido full of ups and downs, and suggesting more sexual activity, unless her libido needle is pointing to maximum horniness has never been successful. She sets the pace, and I’m fine with that… If it’s any consolation to you, CH has had fewer orgasms in the past year, and she is more than content with it.

    On the topic of taking a break, I can only ask why you’d want to… CH and I have been playing with chastity and orgasm denial for roughly the same length of time that you two have been (Five years as of last October), and I can’t imagine taking a break… to do what? Have vanilla sex for a few weeks??


    • Hi Harry
      I understand what you are saying, and I agree to a point. Forcing things is not a good path, but really that’s not what I’m talking about here. Because we’ve both been feeling crappy we have fallen below what I would call a ‘normal’ level and it’s disappointing that the year looks pretty bad from a stat point of view.
      That said, there have been some great moments this year and in some ways we have pushed things (or rather Mistress has) a tiny bit, like we had a new longest denial period. The figures are a fairly blunt instrument to use as a barometer, but even so it’s a bit of a shame that they are likely to be the worst since we started.

      • Rob, when things are disappointing because of events beyond your control, you just shrug it off and carry on. No point in having any regrets.

        As to pushing, I guess I’m reading some of my own situation into this. If Misttress R is as enthusiastic as you are about getting the “come” numbers up, then push away!!

  3. Yes this post certainly doesn’t read of a Mistress ready for a break. She is getting more into her role and denying you in a little more devious way and look at the effect it had on you!

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