Feedback from Literotica…

I received some email feedback from Literotica today.

Whats the matter Mr Author?
Can’t take a bad comment or an opinion other than your own? You wrote a lousy story. So what? It’s a porn site on the web. No one expects literature. Don’t like bad comments? Don’t allow comments. But if you do, expect people to have a variety of reactions to your stories. And not all will be good. This one was full of mistakes and the theme was laughable at best. So post whatever to your blog. You’re a spec of dust on the ground and no one cares.

Which is nice, but still, better a speck of dust than an anonymous troll. Not sure what he means by mistakes (I presume it’s a he, because frankly women probably have better things to do with their time), perhaps he could enlighten me with his all knowing wisdom?

4 thoughts on “Feedback from Literotica…

  1. in my humble opinion the guy who wrote that is doing a lot of talking and hasn’t said a damn word.
    sounds like another Donald Trump.

  2. Anyone who has ever submitted a story to Literotica has learned that a number of individuals who comment on stories pass the time and entertain themselves by flaming the authors. It’s online bullying at its finest.

    It’s a small component of why I quit submitting to Lit… The biggest part of it is that I’m a lazy old fucker…


  3. The comments on Femdom themed stories on literotica are always interesting. It seems that there are many people out there just completely offended at a woman being in control. The concept seems to really frighten them as they often suggest the male in the story should come back and shoot the women or some other punishment. You don’t see this reaction on Maledom stories. My Question is why do they read these stories if it offends them so?? No one is making them and it isn’t a surprise that it is a femdom theme so why do they bother? I won’t go the 25 cent psych route and suggest they are secretly turned on by the subject but are ashamed to admit it – However – I really don’t get the point. There are plenty of topics on literotica that don’t turn me on. I don’t read them. I certainly don’t post on them.

  4. Thanks to all three of you for your comments. Yeah I really don’t get why someone comments on part 10 of a story that is clearly not to their taste…

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